In My Heart, On My Mind.<3

This is what is on my mind and in my heart, something thats always there.. i would describe this word as.. Love.. something thats not easily forgotten something that is always there. Its nearly like a part of you that cant be taken away. Theres good and bad things about it. This love isnt just for anyone. Its for this certain someone. I know everything about him, lets just say he dosnt know i even exist. Its the one and only.. flawless Justin Bieber.. In these chapters of my dreams.. memories.. and feelings i will share with you my love of Justin.


1. Perfect.


This is such a strong feeling inside me. Its almost as if its painful.

Its kind of hard to describe, its just my love for this boy knowing he's always there.

And it dosn't help much when he's always on my mind. Impossible to not think about him and how amazing he is.

You may all say ' no ones perfect' and blah blah blah.. In my eyes the boy who goes by the name 'Justin Bieber' he is perfect in every way. And I mean what i say by 'perfect'. I could stare at a photo of Justin all day, he's just simply amazing. Yeah, it hurts when someone says he's 'gay' or call him a 'fag' or say he sounds like a girl. I know he's not mine, but i love him. All those nasty comments really hit me at the heart. Makes me feel uncomfortable,its an awful feeling, like i've been punched in the stomach a billion times. AWFUL i tell you.:(


Everyone has their own opinions and i understand that but I think that people should respect your opinions because its not up to you what others want or need. You just got to deal with it. Its life.

I love Justin with all my heart but when i think about that he dosn't even know i exist it makes me want to curl up in a corner and scratch my eyes out.

I always have dreams about meeting Justin and spending days together, then I wake up and realise it was a dream then the hurting and sadness hits me. When it hits me it hits me hard. Justin always says 'Never Say Never' sometimes i doubt myself, i do say 'never' because things feel so far away from you. I just got to do what Justin done believe in myself and follow my dreams. It will take you far in life.


To be Continued...


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