It's Gotta Be You

Five years ago Abby got her heart crushed by Harry Styles and now he's back and he's after one thing, her heart. Will their love stand the test of time of will former lovers, and most importaintly their past keep them from eachother? You can't have everything you eant, but will they both get what they want most, love or will it be ripped from them forever? Only time will tell, read to find out.


45. Round Two

Chapter 45 Round Two

*Abby’s Point of View*

        I took a deep breath and looked into the bathroom mirror I wiped the mascara from under my eyes and decided to go back in there and try again. I went out of the bathroom and walked down the all too familiar halls until I reached the door that I needed to enter, taking a deep breath I opened the door and took a look at Harry, he was asleep again. He looked so peaceful and even though he had been asleep for months he looked completely knackered, I sat down next to the chair beside his bed and kissed his forehead. I really miss him, Harry may be awake but I feel that he’s not really here at all, I feel that he might be here in person but he’s not fully here his mind isn’t here and without his mind he’s not here, my Harry’s gone, he doesn’t remember the times we shared together, he doesn’t know what we’ve been through all these years, he doesn’t know the love we share.

        “I love you Harry Edward Styles,” I whispered, reaching out to stroke his cheek, “I don’t know if you’ll ever remember me but I love you I always have and I always will, I don’t know what I’m going to do but I know that no matter what happens the time we had together will always be there, the memories will be permanently etched into my mind and I will always love you,”  I know that he’s still asleep but I feel as though he might as well still be in the coma I’ve been so accustomed to talking to him in that state that it hardly mattered anymore I could just talk to him awake or not.

        I just sat there for the next few hours, thinking about what I was going to do, I don’t know how to deal with this, Harry is my first love and my last love, you only find love once and I know in my heart that Harry’s the one if only I knew how to get Harry to remember what we shared once. I pulled out my phone and began looking at photos, hundreds and hundreds of photos of us were taken on there, they may be pointless but they hold all of our memories, they show the things that make up who couples are, the photos show the most intimate moments we shared, the dumb silly moments that are just fun and amazing to look at when you feel down, screen shots of text messages that put a stupid smile on your face and the ones that give you butterflies and make you feel warm inside. I have so many Kodak moment photos on my camera and Harry has so many on his phone and his small digital camera, the one that he only takes out when we go and take trips together the one that I got him the year before I left him.

        That’s when the idea struck me, I exited the photo app and texted the gang with my plan…

*************************************************Authors Note****************************************

HOLA I'M BACK! I got a gold medal and third place overall in my catagory!!!!!!! OMG so my boyfriend and I went out today this afternoon and OMG he was so cute! I'll spare you the details of the beggining or our date but at the end when we were saying goodbye we had a long hug and then when I took my head off of his shoulder to give him a kiss on the cheek he turned his head and kissed me on the lips! OMG he's such a cutie! For those of you with realationship issues you have to know there is someone out there in the world for you and there are lots of people that decive you, theyre wolves in sheeps clothing, long story short boys can be real "dufflebags" they can lie and cheat and minipulate but in the end they're the losers, they lost someone great and if they cntinue to act like that then they aren't real men at all. Period. This is one of my favourite quotes "real me cannot be stolen" so I just want you to remeber that and for this chapter I want to open the questions up to you ask me anything you want and i will answer it in my next authors note so ask away!









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