It's Gotta Be You

Five years ago Abby got her heart crushed by Harry Styles and now he's back and he's after one thing, her heart. Will their love stand the test of time of will former lovers, and most importaintly their past keep them from eachother? You can't have everything you eant, but will they both get what they want most, love or will it be ripped from them forever? Only time will tell, read to find out.


37. Oh Crap...


Chapter 37 Oh Crap…

*Abby’s Point of View*

        The next few weeks were pretty uneventful, sure there was Summer but she seemed to be less winy theses past few classes, but I still see the gleam of hatred in her eyes. It scares me a little, she hasn’t been winy, mean or spiteful, it sends a cold shiver up my spine I know she’s up to something, she wants harry and she won’t stop until she gets him. I just know she’s out to get me, I just know it, she may not have said much but I can see it in the way she eyes me up and down as if she’s sizing me up, plotting a way to conveniently dispose of me.

        Today are the last few classes until competition session comes along, this year Abigail and I put ourselves in the competition this should be fun, I have about fifteen routines, I have three duets with Abigail, five solos and seven different groups with some of the other teachers, we’re only doing this because it’s for charity and we kinda lost a bet with another studio about who would take home the grand championship title at the last competition. I walked into one of the classrooms to begin class with some of the younger musical theater kids.

*Harry’s Point of View*

        I walked into the gym and instantly groaned at the sight of Summer, oh crap I forgot about her, I took a deep breath and tried to suck it up for now I can complain to Abby at home later. Wow that sounded kinda weird like we’re a married couple. Ok I can get though this, I told myself, this won’t be so bad. I gritted my teeth and tried to sound civil.

        “Hello Summer are you ready to get started?” I asked.

        “Well hello there Harry I’m ready if you’re ready,” she said trying to be seductive, oh boy this is going to be the longest hour of my life I swear.

        “Summer! Stop it!” I yelled at her, I am so sick of her trying to brush up against me and feel me up, I want to throw a weight at her right now she’s being so dang clingy I just wanna scream. She pouted when I went to the bathroom. I have a migraine already.

        “Alright Summer your time is up please go to the front desk and pay, I will see you next week,” YES this is over!

        “Oh Harry one sec, I have a question for you,” or not.

        “Yes Summer what do you need?” I asked trying to keep the exasperation out of my voice.

        “Come here I want to speak with you somewhere private,” said Summer licking her lips and beckoning me over to a little secluded area in the hall.

        “Alright Summer what do you want I have to go set up for another client,” I snapped

        “Oh don’t be like that Harry, I know you want me Harry you just won’t admit it,” she said pushing me up against the wall, “ I don’t even know what you see in Abby, she has nothing to offer you and so much baggage it’s frightening, I mean cutting really? Do you really want an emo chick?” I felt the anger boiling up and I snapped.

“You know what Summer? Abby has so much more to offer than you, she’s kind, smart, funny, an amazing dancer, she’s adorable and amazing, and you know what? I don’t give a crap if she has baggage, she’s PERFECT in every way possible, she completes me and to be perfectly honest I don’t even know what I ever saw in you. You’re rude, stuck up, jealous of a girl that used to be your best friend, mean, spiteful and the most vindictive person on the face of the earth, I didn’t know you would turn out like this in high school but even if I didn’t I would have never cheated on her with you, that as the worst mistake of my life and wish with all my heart that I could take it all back but I can’t because I can’t turn back time, but I have another chance with her now and you will not screw it up.”

“Oh Harry, you’re so blind, don’t you see that Abby is no good for you?”

“Oh and you are?”

“Yes I am,” and with that she walked away, man I just wanna go home and cuddle up with Abby on the couch in front of the T.V. I just wanna hold her and never let go. This is going to be one heck of a day.         

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