It's Gotta Be You

Five years ago Abby got her heart crushed by Harry Styles and now he's back and he's after one thing, her heart. Will their love stand the test of time of will former lovers, and most importaintly their past keep them from eachother? You can't have everything you eant, but will they both get what they want most, love or will it be ripped from them forever? Only time will tell, read to find out.


5. Just When I Thought Everything Was Perfect

Chapter 5 Just When I thought Everything was Perfect          

I woke up feeling like a million bucks. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Had I always been so tired because Harry wasn’t there to take the load off of me? Even though I don’t quite trust Harry as much as I used to it feels really good to have him back. I practically skip to the shower this morning I had exactly 2 hours to get ready to meet Harry at Starbucks we have some catching up to do.

        After my shower I went to my wardrobe to ponder what I should wear; I decided my favourite pair of dark wash skinny jeans that I found in the back of my closet, a lose white floral print tank top and a cropped denim jacket. I let my hair fall into its natural waves and then I put on a light layer of makeup. I checked my watch. I still had half an hour to spare. I pulled out my phone and texted my friend Louis. He was a mutual friend of me and Harry. He was the only one of our friends that I kept in contact over the years. He was a couple years older than me and Harry but he was like the older brother I never had. He gave me rides when I needed them, annoyed the heck out of me with his sassiness and he was there when Harry broke my heart. Louis was the first one I called when I moved to London. I just really needed someone at the time and Louis was the one that helped me pick up the pieces of my life and move on.

        Me: Hey

Louis: Hey gurlll

Me: Waz uppp?

Louis: Chatting with someone…

Me: Who

Louis: U said I couldn’t say his name…

Me: Harry?

Louis: Yah…

Me: Oh I forgot to tell you this but I met up with him a few days ago and we talked it out.

Louis: Ok spill what exactly happened?

Me: It’s a long story


Me: I’ll tell you l8r I have to go meet him for coffee

Louis: fine have it your way but call me when you get back


I smiled. Louis is one of the most dramatic people I have ever met. He and his girlfriend Eleanor were made for each other. Oh heaven help us is they get married and have children. I cannot imagine a bunch of mini Louis’ running around everywhere. It made my head hurt just thinking about it. Oh gosh look at the time I really have to go and meet Harry.

        I hopped into my Charger and bolted out of the drive way. When I walked into Starbucks I saw Harry was being really literal when he said meet here at 10:00 because there he was sitting in the exact same spot at the exact same table.

        Harry smiled when he saw me walking in I loved the way his eyes light up when he smiles and I especially love his dimples.

*Harry’s Point of View*

        I can feel the smile on my face growing wider with every step she takes. I’m so glad I get to have a second chance with the woman I love.

        “Hey Abby”


        “Would you like something to drink?”

        “Um I’ll have a vanilla frapachino please”

        “Alright I’ll be right back”

        As I went to the counter to order I saw someone else out of the corner of my eye, Summer. Oh boy this is so not good she ruined my relationship once and I’m not going to let her do it again. Oh for the love of Pete here she comes what to do what to do? I did all I could do I whipped around and pretended that I couldn’t see her but of course that didn’t work I mean it would’ve been a miracle if she didn’t see me.

        “Well hello there Harry.”

        I winced at the sound of her voice. Ok I think to myself act natural and act pleasant.

        “Oh hi Summer I didn’t see you there.”

        “Oh shut up Harry we both know that’s a lie I saw you staring at me.”

        “Yah ok whatever floats your boat; what brings you here?”

        “I was just stopping here in London for a wedding but I’ve been thinking of making it my permanent home from now on.”

        “Well how wonderful tell the bride to be congratulations for me.”

        “Alright now I’ll see you around.”

        “Bye Summer.”

        “Bye Harry I think I’ll definitely be seeing you around more.”

        Oh boy somehow her words made me feel extremely queasy. Oh well I’ll handle that later.

        I finished ordering my drinks when I saw Summer talking to Abby…      



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