It's Gotta Be You

Five years ago Abby got her heart crushed by Harry Styles and now he's back and he's after one thing, her heart. Will their love stand the test of time of will former lovers, and most importaintly their past keep them from eachother? You can't have everything you eant, but will they both get what they want most, love or will it be ripped from them forever? Only time will tell, read to find out.


49. Flashbacks, Kisses and Love

  Chapter 49 Flashbacks, Kisses and Love

*Harry’s Point of View*

        As we were dancing I began to feel something stirring inside of my chest and head, my mind was whirling, spinning trying to get a hold of something. Amidst all of this I heard Abby quietly singing along to the song her voice vibrating through my body, I felt something more rising up in my chest, I couldn’t get a grasp as to what it was but it was big. As the song ended I felt an intense need to kiss her, hold her and never let go. I needed her suddenly I felt my head leaning in to kiss her, fireworks exploded the second our lips met, then the thoughts and the feelings that had been flying around and around in my head all came together, memories began exploding inside of my head, feelings of love surfaced, and I was out of the dark everything made sense to me now, it was perfect. I felt the strong intense feelings for Abby once again; I remembered the burning love I had for her, our fights, our kisses, hugs, dates every single little thing. I couldn’t love anyone more than I loved her. When my head stopped whirring I broke the kiss and said the word I knew Abby had been dying to hear, “I remember.”

        Abby’s hands flew to her face and she began crying and laughing at the same time. I walked over to her and pulled her hands from her face. I wiped her tears away and brought her close to my chest burying my head into her shoulder just holding her close to me enjoying this moment I had the joy of spending with her, all of the moments we had the joy of spending together.

        “I’m so sorry for all that I’ve put you through these past few months,” I whispered placing a kiss to her temple.

        “Don’t be, I’m just lucky to have you here alive and well in my arms,” she whispered back her voice sounded strained the way it sounded when she was holding back tears.

        I pulled away and took her hand leading her over to the table. I sat down and pulled her onto my lap, we sat there silently me just lightly rocking her back and forth.

        “Babe you know it’s ok to cry in front of me,” I said in my most soothing voice. She just broke down, burying her head into my shoulder. I just sat there patting her back rubbing soothing circles into it, still lightly rocking her.

        When she had gained control of her emotions she said something that I never wanted to hear ever again, “you scared me so bad, I thought I was going to lose you-” I cut her off right there with a kiss.

        “I’m not going anywhere any time soon, I promise I would never leave you, now I don’t want you ever saying or even thinking that ever again.” I said sternly.

        “I love you Harry Edward Styles,” she whispered, lightly stroking my face with her fingertips.

        “And I love you Abby Marie Grace Hope, more than anything else in the world,” I said right before capturing her lips in a passionate kiss.

        Our lips moved in sync filled with intense passion and love. Fireworks, sparks and fire erupted and exploded in that kiss, the burning embers of love and a promise, the promise of infinite love, infinite faith and infinite hope, a promise of a future together and a love that cannot and will not be broken.

        We broke apart, both of us needing air, our chest rising and falling as we stared into each other’s eyes we fell into a comfortable silence, I felt the familiar butterflies once again erupting in my stomach, as I got lost in her beautiful blue eyes, they had gone from a murky grey to a bright blue mixed with tiny flecks of green and gold, her eyes always went this colour when she was truly happy. It warms me from head to toe to see her this happy but most importantly it warms my heart to see her like this, to see her this happy, I know that despite all that I have done I can still make her happy and that she still loves me and I her. I love Abby I always have and I always will.

        I laced my fingers through hers and brought her close to me once more; she let out a small giggle and gave me a peck on the lips before kissing me once again. Her kisses are the one thing that I can never get tired of no matter how many times we’ve kissed and no matter how many times we said I love you and no matter how many times we fight; I know that she’ll always be the one, mine forever and always, to the moon and back. Abby Marie Grace Hope will always have my heart she’s had it from day one it just took me a while to realize it.

        We still have many more obstacles in our way but I know that we’ll always be together, forever always. No matter how far away and no matter how big of a fight we get in she’ll always be the only girl in my life.

        “Abby,” I said pulling away from the kiss, and pulling her close, “I know that I don’t deserve you and I know that I never will but can you make me a promise?”

        “Of course I can,” she said placing a hand on my cheek.

“Can you promise that you will never leave me? No matter how stupid I am, no matter how mad you are and no matter how badly I screw up? I know I love you Abby and I will spend the rest of my life proving myself to you, showing how much I care and showing you how much I love you. I know you’re the one for me Abby, you’re my missing puzzle piece, the other half to my heart.”

“I promise,” she said tears brimming her eyes, “I love you too Harry, and if anything you don’t deserve me, I have so much emotional baggage, you deserve someone that doesn’t have all that weighing her down, someone that doesn’t always need help, someone-”  I cut her off by lightly placing my lips to hers.

“Don’t you ever say that Abby, you’re perfect just the way you are and I promise that I will help unpack your baggage on bag at a time until you feel fixed, I’ll be the one to hold you up when you feel like falling and I will always be there every step of the way.”

“Promise?” asked Abby tears falling down her light pink cheeks.

“Pink promise,” I said holding out my finger to her. She took it while I took my other hand and dried up her tears.

“I know I’ve already said it a thousand times but I love you Abby Marie Grace Hope.”

“And I love you Harry Edward Styles.”

“I never get tired of that,” I whispered and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond,” she whispered into my shoulder.

“Words can’t express how much I love you,” I whispered back placing a butterfly kiss on her shoulder.

“It’s nice to have you back Harry,” she said into my shoulder.

“It’s nice to be back,” I replied, “I don’t know what I would do if I could never remember what we’ve been through, the love we share, and joy it brings us. I do however know it’s gotta be you, you’re the one who makes my world spin, the one who keeps me grounded and the one who made me who I am, I could never do anything without you in my life Abby, your my rock, my best friend, my girlfriend and the love of my life.”  

********************************************Authors note*******************************************

Well that's the last chapter guys, I would like to thank all of you for supporting me through this movella and I would like to announce that there will be a sequel to this book but this time it won't just be foucusing on Abby and Harry, it will foucus on Niall and Abigail as well. I haven't decided on a name but when I do I will post an authors now and I will mumble it. So once again I would like to thank all of you for supporting me and I hope you will read the sequel. For the last time on this movella favourite, like, comment and fan!

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