It's Gotta Be You

Five years ago Abby got her heart crushed by Harry Styles and now he's back and he's after one thing, her heart. Will their love stand the test of time of will former lovers, and most importaintly their past keep them from eachother? You can't have everything you eant, but will they both get what they want most, love or will it be ripped from them forever? Only time will tell, read to find out.


22. Date Night

Chapter 23 Date Night

*Abby’s Point of View*

        Harry and I were nearly inseparable from that day forward. We spent each and every day together, we met for lunch and we went out for dinner a few times a week the other days we ate with the boys and Abigail. Abigail and Niall were growing extremely close as well and they just made things official last week. Tonight we were all going out to a movie and dinner. Abigail was coming over after our classes today to get ready.

        When we got back to my apartment after work Abigail ran over to my closet to raid it. Oh brother if there’s one thing Abigail can do its raid my closet. I shoved her out of the way before she could tear apart my closet and made her sit down.

        “Abigail what did I tell you about raiding my closet,” I said using my best parenting tone.

        “Not to,” she pouted giving me the worst attempt of puppy eyes I have ever seen.  

        “And what did you just do?”

        “Raid your closet.”

        “Do you know what you did is wrong?”


        “So will you stop and be calmer about it?”

        “Yah for now just wait till next time,” she gave me an evil smile. I could practically see the devil horns popping out.

        “Ugh fine what do you want to borrow?”

        Abigail got up off the bed and went to my closet, she chose a lose black tank top, ripped skinny jeans and a brown scarf. She went to my jewellery box and picked out a long silver chain with a feather and a turquoise gem on the top of the feather hanging off the end and a pair of turquoise studs to match the gem. I chose a frilly white tank made out of lace and black skinny jeans. I paired it with a necklace made out of different types of silver chains with delicate turquoise beads and a ring with a turquoise stone that my mum gave me on my fifteenth birthday. I put on matching bracelets and a pair of light brown wedges. Abigail came out of the bathroom after she got dressed and put on her makeup and helped me do mine and man I looked good Abigail used to do makeovers at the mall when we were in university. When we finished getting ready we sat down at my desk and went through and made a list of things we need for this upcoming recital for the acro and contemporary kids. We were throwing recitals for each of the types of dances we offer except for ballroom, we have a ballet production, a jazz and tap show and a big lyrical production. We went and ordered all of our costumes for the recitals and our competition kids, ensured our spot for the theater and went through our budget books before the boys came and knocked on the door. We finished all of our work so we don’t have to go in tomorrow and finish up and we can enjoy ourselves without anything in the back of our minds.

        The boys jumped on us as soon as we opened the door, did they have a bowl of sugar for breakfast and lunch today? My goodness the engulfed us in a huge group hug that somewhat resembled a half doggy pile. When we broke apart Harry leaned over and gave me a light peck on the lips and loosely wrapped his arms around my waist.

        “Awwwwwwww,” coursed all of the boys behind us, way to wreak a moment I thought. Oh well they do this all the time.

        “Awe shut up it’s not like you guys don’t do that with your girlfriends,” muttered Harry with a faint blush creeping up his face.

        “Whatever,” sassed Louis, typical.

        “Lou don’t be such a sassy little boy they’re obviously in love now drop it and be nice,” snapped Abigail pretending to be annoyed.

        “You wanna go red head?” yelled Louis.

        “I would totally demolish you and you know it.”

        “Ha fat chance I’m bigger than you,” scoffed Louis.

        “Yah but you have the upper body strength of a baby.”

        “Oh it’s on!”

        “Hey hey no hitting my girlfriend!” yelled Niall.

        “Awe calm down Nialler we both know who would win,” winked Abigail.

        “Would not,” muttered Louis.

“Lou Abigail would kick your butt end of discussion and now let’s get to the movies,” I butted in before they could get into another fight.

“Yah what do you all wanna see?” asked Harry.


“I’m with her!” I yelled.

“I’m cool with that what about you boys?” all of the boys nodded their heads except for Lou.

“I wanted to see the Last Exorcism,” pouted Louis.

“Too bad we can watch that next time we go,” I told him.

“Ok but you have to promise,” said Lou sticking out his pinky. I made the pinky promise and we left for the movies.

The movie was amazing! I love Jennifer Lawrence I can’t wait until her next movie comes out! We decided to go back to my flat since it was the biggest and have a sleepover. I drove the boys back to they could get their stuff Abigail cold just borrow my stuff for the night. When we got back to my flat we decided to watch a few more movies and pig out. The boys went to go start the popcorn and stuff while Abigail and I went to go change. I put on a pair of light pink sweat pants from Pink and a hot pink tank top with a shelf bra in it, Abigail took a blue hoodie and a pair of flannel short shorts. We came out to find that the boys had already set up and were going through my huge collection of movies from kids movies to drama and horror you name it I had it.

        “Hey boys you can go change in my bedroom now just don’t mess anything up,” I told them. They got up obediently and went to go change. Abigail and I picked out a few movie we wanted to watch and added it to the one the boy’s wanted to watch it was only seven and who really actually sleeps at a sleepover anyway? The guys came out dressed in flannel bottoms and white t-shirts. We grabbed the popcorn and all plopped down on the couch. Harry sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulders while giving me a light peck on the lips he’s so sweet. I love this boy to pieces and that’s what scares me the most how do you love someone so much? It’s terrifying but I know that I can trust him he’s regained every piece of my trust and I can’t imagine letting him go again. My thoughts were interrupted by Liam shouting at the top of his lungs that he wanted to watch Toy Story over and over again and thought he was the mature one…

“Ok Liam we’ll watch Toy story gosh and I thought you were the mature one.”

“I am most of the time that is,” replied Liam.

After we watched Toy Story, Love Actually, The Vow, Skyfall and Pitch Perfect my eyes were begging to droop and so were Harry’s. Niall and Abigail were already asleep cuddled together under a blanket and Liam and Zayn were fast asleep in the most awkward positions ever, it l;ooked lika an odd contortionists act.

“Harry are you awake?”

“Yah kinda why is something wrong?”

“No I was just wondering if you wanted to go and sleep in the bedroom it’s a little squishy here.”

“Sure babe,” He mumbled groggily. We got to the bedroom and climbed into bed I put my head on Harry’s chest and fell asleep to the steady beat of his heart.

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