It's Gotta Be You

Five years ago Abby got her heart crushed by Harry Styles and now he's back and he's after one thing, her heart. Will their love stand the test of time of will former lovers, and most importaintly their past keep them from eachother? You can't have everything you eant, but will they both get what they want most, love or will it be ripped from them forever? Only time will tell, read to find out.


21. a Drama Free Day At Last Part 2

Chapter 21 a Drama Free Day At Last Part 2

*Abby’s Point of View*

I heard a soft knock at the door and tip toed to go get it careful not to wake Abigail. I greeted Harry with a light peck on the lips and then I motioned for him to follow me and to be quiet. When we got to my room I turned on the light and shut the door.

“Tell me what happed from the beginning,” I told Harry.

“Well I had a really long day yesterday since they wanted me to fill in for two other trainers. I was completely wiped out when I got home yesterday and I fell asleep as soon as I got into bed I was really tired and I guess I slept through my alarm because next thing I know I’m getting a call from the gym asking me why I wasn’t there on time and I tried to explain but they hung up on me. When I finally got to the gym I found out I had a new boss, and boy is he strict. He told me off and gave me a long lecture about punctuality and how if I mess up again I would be put on the street faster than I could say but.”

“Wow that’s nuts.”

“You’re telling me.”

“So what happened to your old boss?”

“He quit I don’t know why but he did.”

“He just up and left?”

“From what I know yes.”

“That’s really strange usually they let you know about these things.”

“I know that but they didn’t this time but I really wish I knew about this guy a head of time.”

“We can’t do anything about this now what’s done is done the best we can do is hope that he’s not always like that.”

“Yah I suppose on another note how was your day?”

“I was pretty good Abigail and I had a day all to ourselves, no teaching, kids and it was relatively drama free and relaxing.”  

“That’s good, there has been a lot going on hasn’t there?”

“Yah all this crap with Summer and Andrew it’s nuts, they keep popping up out of nowhere and giving us both a hard time each time we see them, it’s really annoying I just wish they would go away.”

“Don’t we all?”

“Yah I guess but I really wish Summer would go away she wreaked our relationship once and she wants to do it again.” Harry kissed me on the tip of the nose and pulled me into his chest. We stayed like that for a few blissful moments just enjoying each other’s company before Harry broke the silence.

“This will all be over soon and when it is then we’ll have the rest of our lives together,” whispered Harry into my ear while stroking my hair.

“But what if it doesn’t go away soon?”

“We’re strong we’ll deal with it ever step of the way nothing will break us up this time I won’t let it.”

“I know Harry but I’m scared,” I whispered.

“Everything’s gonna be alright I’ll make sure of that babe,” Harry murmured into my ear.

“Harry will you stay with me tonight?”

“Anything for you babe, anything.”

I fell asleep against his chest the sound of his strong heartbeat lolling me to sleep.

*Harry’s Point of View*

Abby looks so peaceful when she’s sleeping, she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on she looks beautiful even with no makeup hair, in a messy bun and pj’s she never fails to amaze me. Abby is such a strong person but once she gets hurt she crumbles into a billion pieces. I laid one final kiss on her forehead before I turned off the light and tucked her and myself into bed. I closed my eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep, thank goodness I didn’t have work tomorrow.  


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