The Story

Thirrin thinks she is normal, until a man comes and takes her away. To a place far below, and then reveals a deep dark secret to her...


4. Prologe

 One Day the Devil looked up and saw a beautiful baby girl being born, he felt a strong pull toward her. He wanted her. As she grew into a toddler he visitor her at night. Watching the girl, keeping her safe from things that may hurt her. But this made the Devil's current mistress unhappy and extremely jealous.

The mistress decided to kill the girl. She had a minion go and sabotage the mother's car. The mother was taking the girl to Day Care, and was rounding a bend on a deserted road when she lost control and the car went of the road, crashing into a ditch. The mother died on impact but the girl lived, just barely.

Another car drove by and saw that something had gone off the road and called the authorities. The EM T's saved the girl, and the mistress sighed, deciding she would have to kill the girl herself. She went to the hospital to kill the girl.

She drifted into the room, like a Shade, no one saw or heard the Lady. She walked silently to the bedside where the girl lay, a sound spooked her. She turned and saw The King Of Death. He stood sadly in the shadows. Sighing he said, "So, you tried to kill the girl. I am displeased with you." Hearing these words the Mistress shuttered. He clucked his tongue, ts-king her. "You should have learned better than to cross me."

The thing that scared the Mistress the most was his voice level. His quietness. When he yelled she knew she was safe, but when he used his monotone of silence she knew she was in deep shit. She bowed her head, in submission.

"I want you in my throne room when I return, and how did you think I would not know of your plans?" He sounded generally curious about it. The lady stuttered out an answer. "I-I-I d-d-didn't, sire." She walked out the door and disappeared, knowing she had been dismissed with the answer.

With a sad and desolate sigh the shadowy man walked out of the shadows, stopping at the girl's bedside. He brushed hair away from her forehead, placing a tender kiss on her brow. Before he fully dispersed he told the girl, "Soon, Thirrin. We will be together." With that he disappeared to make a deal.




1 hour after a deal was struck



The Devil sat on his throne of thorns, bones, blood, pain, and passion. The Lady sat on the steps up to the Throne crying and begging for her life. "Please, sire. Spare me. I was over come with jealousy. I only want you for myself. Please, master. Spare my life." She was groveling which was something The Devil did not enjoy. Not at all. He gestured for Flame and Guilt. "Flame, Guilt take this....this piece of garbage," the ex-mistress sobbed at this, "and put it in the dungeon while I make my choice on its life." He sneered at her as she was dragged off by them sobbing and crying.

"Everyone leave. Now!" He shouted,. It echoed loudly and everyone left the room. He sat for sometime before calling back his ex-mistress.

Before his entire court he took her immortality and powers, then with the words, "You are a disgrace and will be tortured by something you dream about, but can never remember." He cast her into the realm of mortals.

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