The Story

Thirrin thinks she is normal, until a man comes and takes her away. To a place far below, and then reveals a deep dark secret to her...


1. Character List

Thirrin; Female, wavy red hair that often got her picked on. She is tall(about 6ft) 16 years old and she is usually nice to friends, but if someone she loves is in danger she will fight to the death to save them.

Sibhoan; Female, Thirrin's best friend in the human realm, short, blonde and funny

Devin; Male. He is the deal maker and has many names, but do not say them aloud lest you attract his attention.

Consto; Male. His hair is black with different colored sparkles in it [sort if like a night sky, (hint,hint)]. His blue eyes are kind and deep

Flame; Female. She is fiery, mean, cruel and likes to see people in pain.

Scar; Male. Grey hair, grey eyes. He has a scar going from his left ear across his face, directly under his eye to his nose, very wolfish and protective.

Ce; Female. Black hair with blue streaks, her hair is spiked up. Blue eyes and gold piercings(one in her right, two in her left)

Anmi; Male. Brown hair, brown eyes. Very annoying, he can see what is going on and the choices people make(only people he meets & knows)

Scythe ;Female. Black hair with randomly colored streaks in it. She has tattoos and piercings.

Gothia; Female. Gothic black hair w/ randomly colored streaks in it. She gives people piercings and tattoos. She has  tattoos and piercings of her own

Shain; Male (a couple with Pine) Green eyes, brown hair. He is tall and is quiet until you get to know him. Kind, sweet, caring, and very fashionable. He's very elfish (has pointed ears)

Pine; Male(a couple with Shain) Louder of the two, more out spoken. Green hair and green eyes(he dies hair a lot). He tends to leave green finger prints every where because of die. He's short, protective,and kind of fox-like.

Kis; Female. Has golden hair, yellow eyes. She's loud and mean, and rough. She's very tough.

Feather; Male. Has feathery brown hair, light hazel eyes. He is sweet, he listens very well and is extremely wise.

Guilt; Male. Very wolf-like. He has blue eyes, grey-white hair(pepper 'n salt). He notices everything with his eyes. He can be mean, and he likes to keep to himself. He's a loner.

Scarlet; Female. Has an odd obsession with the color red. She always has to wear red. She's a huge slut. She's got blonde hair and red eyes. She's fiery and mean, but kinder than Flame.

Sen;Male (twin brother to Sin) He has brown hair and green eyes. He's very nice and gentile.

Sin;Male (twin brother to Sen) He has all the same looks as Sin. He is mean and sometimes hooks up with Flame (every one thinks that will get him killed...).

Demon; Female. Has reddish hair. Her eyes glow when she gets angry. She has a black tail.

Sul; Male. He has issues. Has a purple mo-hawk that has red tips. He has swirling silver eyes.

Ursela; Female. She's diseased(Dead). She's a bitch. She has red hair and blue eyes.

Jinx; Male. (think Puck from A Midsummer's Night Eve) He's a joker. Loves playing pranks. A dirty blonde with volet eyes. He's more on the shorter side. He's nice, warm, and friendly,,but is often picked on. He's considered an Omega.

Dam; Female (Sister to Ding and Dang) Very bitchy. Has long straight white hair and she tends to wear it down her back (it reaches the middle of her back). She wears a lot of leather and is the leader of the Triple-oh-D's(the nickname for her and her brothers). She is the smartest of the bunch.

Ding;Male (brother to Dam and Dang). He has white hair. Very idiotic. Loves to wear leather.

Dang;Male (Brother to Dam and Ding) He also has white hair like his brother and sister.He loves to slap his brother a lot. He loves to wear leather.

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