The Story

Thirrin thinks she is normal, until a man comes and takes her away. To a place far below, and then reveals a deep dark secret to her...


6. Chapter Two

"Be gentile, Sin," Devin orders.  When they reached Thirrin's room, they set the sleeping girl on the bed. Devin said, "Sin, Demon, Soul. Leave and tell every one I am home, and to prepare for a banquet. With human food.  This girl does not know what she holds within her." Before they left the three servants glimpsed looks at the tall red haired girl. They wondered what power she may hold inside of her.

After the door closed Devin let out a breath and sat on the edge of the bed, with a sleeping Thirrin curled up against him.Thirrin moaned but stayed asleep. Devin couldn't help but get a boner when she made that noise. Trying to fix his pants so they were more comfortable, he stood and looked at the sleeping girl. He reached down and shook her awake, "Thirrin,wake up. Come on." Slowly Thirrin sat up, rubbing her eyes and stretching. "Mmmm. Where are we?" She asked. Devin again sat on the bed. "You are in a bedroom in my mansion, some of my guys carried you up here, and I will send someone up to bring you to dinner. In about an hour, so you can take a nap or explore your suit. You have all of these rooms to your self. I don't think I forgot anything. See you in an hour or so." He stood and walked out the door. Relaxing Thirrin sighed. Why am I attracted to him? I was at the house, but I was able to hide it. Here, alone with him most of the time, I don't think so. Gr. Cursed Hormones! I wonder if I get cell service. I can call Siobhan and ask her what to do.

Their was a knock at the door. Thirrin when to answer the door. There stood was a shortish guy with dirty blonde hair. He was carrying her bags. Walking inside the room, he talked almost non-stop. "Hey. I'm Jinx. What's your name? Oh, you got the good room. How old are you anyway? Did you know the boss loves red heads? What are in these bags? Rocks? They're heavy. Later can I show you around? What is your favorite color? Is it red. That would be ironic since you have the red hair."

Finally he stopped talking, looking at Thirrin curious. "Um, I'm Thirrin. Nice to meet you. No, their are no rocks in my bags  only books, notebooks and clothes. I'm 17 and my favorite color is black. Do you always talk so fast?" He shook his head "No. I only talk fast when I am nervous." Taking one of her bags Thirrin asked, "Why are you nervous?"

Fallowing her to the closet he answered, "Because the boss is hard core, and doesn't want anyone upsetting you."

Thirrin began to put her clothes away and realized she didn't have any thing to were to a fancy dinner. Turning to face Jinx she said, "I don't have anything to wear to a dinner party! What the Fuck am I going to do?" Seeing she was getting upset, Jinx got all wide-eyed, then said "Okay. Hold on. Let me get someone who can handle this problem better than I can." He ran from the room.

He returned with a guy that was tall and had brown hair. He looked Thirrin over and whispered to Jinx. Jinx glanced over at her. Shaking his head, the new guy turned to Thirrin, and bowed slightly. In a quiet, but deep voice told her, "Hello. I'm Shain. Jinx tells me you need a dress for dinner?" He passed it as a question, so Thirrin answered "Um. Yeah. I don't have anything very fancy, or for that matter fashionable." She looked at her now hung up clothes, and fallowing her gaze Shain made a noise of disgust and again whispered to Jinx, and Jinx whispered back angrily.

Shain looked at her and sighed, jesturing and saying "Fallow me" he walked out of the room and down the hall to another room that had a girl and guy on a bed making out. "Hey!" The lady screeched and quickly covered her self with the blankets. "Oh. Calm down Flame. I need your closet for the new girl." Shain told the screechy lady. She looked Thirrin over and laughed. She turned back to the guy, and they started making out again.

Shain, Thirrin and Jinx walked into a huge closet. Shain led the other two to a rack of tight figure hugging dress. Thirrin was awed by that amount of dresses. Shain looked trough them, picking out a few, and holding them up against Thirrin's body. Jinx kept shaking his head in no. Finally, Shain held up a dress and Jinx whistled. "I take that as yes?" Shain asked and Jinx nodded his confirmation.

They walked back to Thirrin's room. Shain told Thirrin, "Okay. Go get changed then call me in to do your hair and make up. Don't worry about me getting ready." Thirrin walked into the bathroom and changed. When she called Shain back in, Jinx was gone. "Where did Jinx go?" She asked nervously. "No need to be nervous. I sent him to get ready. Come on." He led her to a dressing table against one wall. He stood her in the mirror before asking, "Can I do you in fall colors?" The dress was a deep gold with black roses embedded in it with terribly large thorns. When Thirrin moved she could feel the thorns. "Um. Go right ahead." She told him.

After about ten minutes, she was finally allowed to look in the mirror. Thirrin gasped. She could not believe the woman she was looking at could be herself! Jinx whistled from the door, and told them, "Don't forget her hair, Shainy-boy." Shain sighed and brushed out her hair. Thirrin asked, "When did you show back up? By the way, you look nice in your little suit."

Jinx laughed and walked up to her.  "About two minutes ago, princess." He sat in the chair next to her's.

Shain finally finished and left. Jinx escorted Thirrin down to dinner. Everyone was in the den or living room. Soon Shain and some other guy showed up hand in hand. Jinx had started naming people and pointing them out, but Thirrin was distracted because Devin suddenly entered the room, causing everyone to go silent. He saw her and walked toward her. Everyone hesitantly started talking again, but quieter.

He bent close to Thirrin and Jinx walked away. "Hello, Thirrin. I hope you like your rooms. I would like to say you look beautiful in that dress." A servant walked into the room and found Devin. He whispered in his ear. Devin dismissed him and looked around the room. To get everyone's attention he clapped his hands. "I believe that dinner is ready. Shall we head into the dining room?" Everyone began to make their way out of the den. Devin took Thirrin's hand and put it on his arm. "Come. You shall be seated on my right. Do you know who's dress you wear?" He asked and Thirrin shook her head. "That dress belongs to Flame. She is quite rough, and the male she was hooking up with was Sin. If Flame knew he was also sleeping with Scarlet she would kill him. Hmm?." When they reached their seats Devin pulled out her chair for her and pushed it back in, making her blush.

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