The Story

Thirrin thinks she is normal, until a man comes and takes her away. To a place far below, and then reveals a deep dark secret to her...


7. Chapter Three

 After Devin sat down, servants began to bring out food. All the food was exotic, but really good. During dinner Devin introduced her to a few people. "Thirrin. This is Scar, Pine, Shain and Guilt. I think you and Shain have already met." Pine and Shain sat right next to each other, almost touching. Pine's hair was a neon green, and so were his eyes. Guilt looked older, and had average looks with grey hair and blue eyes. Scar had grey hair and eyes, but he had a scar running across his face, from left ear to his nose. They all welcomed her politely. If not guarded. Thirrin didn't eat much. She was too distracted by all of the people sitting at the table. The most curious looking people was a boy with sparkles in his hair and a man that was talking to Flame. His hair looked as if it had feathers in it.

When dessert came Devin stood and said, "Please. Excuse me and my guest, Thirrin. I offered her a tour and it seems an appropriate time to give it. Please enjoy dessert." Thirrin stood, fallowing Devin. When they passed Jinx, Devin gestured and he stood excusing him self.

Thirrin walked next to Devin. "So. What are you going to show me?" He looked at her and kept walking, Jinx was trailing behind them.

When they reached the front door Devin turned and looked her over. "Jinx. Stand right behind her." He again turned and opened the doors. What Thirrin was looking at shocked her more than anything before...



She Was Looking At The Underworld.

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