The Story

Thirrin thinks she is normal, until a man comes and takes her away. To a place far below, and then reveals a deep dark secret to her...


5. Chapter One

17 Years Later


The Devil had waited long enough. He went to the girls father and offered him a bargain. "For your daughters life I will give you what you desire most." These words of promise and wealth soothed the father. But little did he know of what would truly happen to him.

He called his only daughter forward. "Thirrin can you come here?" So the girl put down her book and went to see her father.

"Yeah, dad? What do you need?" Thirrin was surprised by her dad's visitor. She hadn't even heard the man come in. "Thirrin, this is Devin Finian. I need you to stay with him for a while because something came up."

Looking worried she nodded but asked, "Is everything all right? Is their a problem?" Her father untroubled his daughter by saying "No, but I need some time and Devin has offered to take you for a week." He smiled reassuringly.

Walking up to Devin, Thirrin looked him up and down. She stuck out her hand and said, "I am Thirrin Antioco." Devin took her hand and shook it. Smiling devilishly, he told her, "Very nice to meet you Thirrin." He bowed slightly over her hand. "Ah, did you know your name Thirrin means 'late summer', and your last name Antioco means stubborn or resistant?" He released her hand and she began to rub it because it was warm and tingly were he had touched it. She looked at Devin like he was some pervert.

Thirrin looked to her father. "Hey, um, should I go pack? And for how long will I be staying with him?"

The Devil noticed she rubbed her hand and looked nervous, and thought, that will all change when she see's what I am and after she meets all of the people that I work with, she will love it!

Thirrin's father told her, "About a week, maybe longer." When Thirrin received this information, she rolled her eyes but went to pack anyway. Usually Thirrin's oddly colored room calmed her, but today the yellow walls bothered her and the black wall seemed to be moving. She chucked it up to to much reading. She packed what she needed plus a few books.

As Thirrin packed, her father and The Devil spoke. "Mr. Antioco what are your wildest dreams? Tell me and I shall deliver." Little did the father know that Devil was commissioning him to say what he wanted. "I-I-I want freedom from this world and to travel to another..." He trailed off, and was released from the Devil's grip suddenly because Thirrin came through the door with her bag. 

"Here, let me take that." Devin says to Thirrin, leading her outside to his black 1979 Pontiac Firebird (

"Whoa, cool car. You now have my respect. Hold on just a minute! I NEED a picture or this car!" Thirrin takes out her cell phone and snaps a few shots of the car. The Devil was smiling the whole time. Before he got into the car, he puts Thirrin stuff in the trunk. With psychic powers, he changes the car radio station to classical. He wanted to see the girls reaction.

As soon as Thirrin heard the classical music she groaned and asked, "Can I change the station?" The Devil nodded and she changed it to some hard rock station. She told him, "I like my music like I like my men. Hard as a rock," she said as she turned up the volume.

They drove in total silence for a while until Thirrin asked, "Where does one get a car like this and the money to buy it? I would do any thing for this kind of car," she adds.

Devin winces at her comment. "Be careful what you wish for. Wishes always get twisted into something else. I got this car legally. So, no worries."



5 Hours later



Thirrin yawns for the hundredth time it seems. "Get some sleep. It is a whole lot longer to my house." Slowly Thirrin drifts into the world of dreams and The Devil passes them from the mortal world into Hades. The City Of The Dead.

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