The Story

Thirrin thinks she is normal, until a man comes and takes her away. To a place far below, and then reveals a deep dark secret to her...


8. Chapter Four

"Your-your-y-y-your-whoa." Was the only thing Thirrin could manage. Jinx nodded. "Yep." Devin was watching her.

He sighed and asked, "Are you surprised?" She shook her head. "N-no, just shocked and kind of overwhelmed."

She swallow hard and ask, "So, am I really going back to my father?" He shakes his head. "No, Jinx leave. I think she is fine." Devin smiles. "Go tell the others." He runs off. "Thirrin. Your father made a deal. That deal was kept, now he dies. I am sorry."

She snorts. "What for? My dad was a total jerk!" She stands next to Devin "Can I still call you Devin?" He nods and returns her question with his own "Yes, but do you want to stay right?" In anwser she takes his hand in her own as the anwser, but he takes his hand away, "Let me walk you back to your room." They walk in silence back to Thirrin's room.

Thirrin walked into her room sad and alone, Devin had left her at the door. Exploring the room broght her to the luxgerous bathroom. Stripping, she stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water.

She sighed and said "Well, life sucks and you die....looks like it dosen't suck but did I die?"

An anwser was expected but something-no someone- replied "Neather is true, you are alive and life dose not suck." She shreked and asked "Who is there!?"

A laugh anwsered, fallowed by "I am A Gaurdian that was locked into the bathroom some time ago. I can't rember my name, or why I was locked in here... but I ment you no surprise lady." She relaxed slightly "And,Um, What is a gaurdian?"

She waited and after a few moments a anwser came "A Gaurdian is a spirit that din't do bad or good, it is a young child who died and then is ruled by the Devil, he changes us so we are helpful, but someone locked me in here. I can't rember why." Still confused Thirrin requested "Can you show yourself? What can I call you?" It took seconds for the thing to anwser "No,My spirit has faded so I have no body. But, my name ,I think, started with a M, no, no an R! Yes my name started with a R. I think..." It trailed off, Thirrin thought it was no big deal and finished her shower.

A knock on the door distracted Thirrin from her conversation with R, or whatever it called itself. "Yes?" Thirrin asked as she opened the door. It was Devin. "Oh,hello. Um, do you want to come in?" Devin nodded and walked in looking around.

"Thirrin, have you,perhaps, been talking to something?"He asked. She nodded "Yeah, something called R, and it is a Gaurdian." Devin growled and opened the door and called to someone down the hall, they walked in. It was Scar, Guilt and one person she din't know. "Ok, R come here." Suddenly a ghost-like aperation appered, cringing "Yes,Devil?" Devin ran a hand through his hair "Why are you here?" The Ghost shook its head "I can't rember. I can't leave. I can't die. You are right Life Dose Suck." Devin sighed and said something in another language which made R briten up. Then he disapered. "What just happened?" Thirrin asked.

"I gave him freedom, death. He will be reborn in a few months. I will anwser all questions in a bit, I need to go over things with The Three." They all left.

A hour or so later Devin returned. Thirrin sucked in a breath when she saw him, he was wearing red plaid pajama pants and a tight black t-shirt. He sat on the bed and she sat next to him, "Any questions?"Devin asked. Thirrin shook her head "Naw, none. But, what will happen to-" Her question was cut off by a Yawn "me?" She finished.

"You will be taught with the rest of the people here, and you will fight in fine. Lye down and sleep. You are tired." She did lye down but anwsered with another yawn "No,im not" Her speech was slured and in a matter of moments she was out cold.


The next few monthes where fun, and easy. Thirrin learned many different things; The True History, Truth, How To Kill, Torture, Pleasure and how to make a Deal. Jinx was her first and best friend, and soon Shain and pine joined their circle. Consto taught her History, and also was a friend. Truth was taught by Guilt. Killing, which is a tedous art, was taught by Ding&Dang. Torture and pleasure where taught by Dam. Devin was her main teacher in Deal's, but everyone helped a little with this lesson, every night Devin gave her lessons on Deals.

Thirrin changed a lot. She got tatoos and percings. She got this amazing dragon tatoo that started at her hip, and went up and around her back, with the mouth ending on her neck. The tail starts on her left hip, and it winds up her back, and the head starts on the collar bone, and the mouth ends at her throat. It is black, red and gold. She got her tongue peirced, and her ears. She started dressing different too. She changed to a gothish, rock punck.

Some of the people who also became her friends are Gothia, and Scythe. She and Flame stayed enimies. Sen was a friend, but it took them a while to become friends.

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