The Story

Thirrin thinks she is normal, until a man comes and takes her away. To a place far below, and then reveals a deep dark secret to her...


2. Athours Note

Dear Reader,


          Okay. I am EXTREMELY scared to publish this, but I want to face my fear. I don't have any chapter names, and the story will be edited A LOT. SO expect it to change. Also, if you notice any spelling mistakes let me know. i will gladly take any help given, but I may or may not use it. If I bring a character you like, but it doesn't come back, let me know and I will name them and try to bring them back. I will place NOTES throughout the story to explain a confusing scene. The story will go back and forth between first, second and third person point of view and between tenses (was, is). So if this aggravates you then stop reading now.

                                        For now,

                                                      a scared and shy author

                                                                             Named Jinxer


Dear Reader (Again),


                    This is Toxic_Love. I am co-authoring Jinxer's movella. I have bugging Jinxer to publish her story here, and she finally has. Thank god! There maybe a lot of grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. You can comment down below and I will get to them as soon as possible. Truthfully I have no idea what this story is about, all I know is that I love the one Jinxer has written down in a notebook. Jinxer will be publishing the chapters, and I will be fixing confusing parts. She'll be explaining them. The chapters will change a lot. I hope you like this movella. Read Jinxer's other movellas. There extremely good. If you could, possibly read my movellas.



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