Something Worth Tears -#2 The Something Trilogy

Janelle Styles makes her big return in the second book of the 'Something Trilogy.' This book will be heartwarming, but yet heartwrenching. Is Louis and Janelle's love strong enough to bring them back together? Or will Eleanor yet again barge, (and shove and wedge), her way back into Louis' s heart?


5. True love, and tears

Janelle's POV:


I walked into Lou's room, greeted by Niall, who was eating some Chinese Take Out. "Owh Heh Janwelle." He said with a mouthfull of noodles, by which he meant "Oh hey Janelle." "Close your mouth leprechaun!" I yelled. He smiled and continued to eat. 

Harry walked past so I grabbed his wrist and spun him around. His eyes were red and puffy. "Jan-Jaycee, I've been looking for you." He stuttered, and pulled me out into the hallway, alone. He coughed and cleared his throat. "Ann- I mean Mom called, and well Gemma Isn't doing the best." He said, trailing off. "Wai- what?" I said. "Gemma got in a car accident yesterday, and well, she passed away when you were gone." He choked out. 

This horrible feeling over came my body, but I told myself that there was nothing I could have done to help my sister. I stared into Harry's eyes until what seemed like forever. We both had realized Gemma was gone, and so was Dad, we had each other, and that was basically it. I grasped the back of his shirt, and we hugged and cried until Louis came back and saw us.

"B-Babe what happened?" He asked concerned, and looking from Harry then back to me. I let Harry go, and fell into Louis's arms. "G-G-Gemma died, when I was at th-the mall." I burst into tears again and Louis tried comforting me. I pulled away and looked at his teat stained shirt. "I-I'm sorry, I ruined your shirt." I said, wiping off my face with my sleeve. He pulled me back onto him. "I'll do anything for my true love. I wouldn't even mind if you ate my carrots." He said, trying to cheer me up, but nothing worked, my only sister had died, and I couldn't help but to think that I could've helped save her, even though I know I couldn't.

I tried my best fake smile, just to convince him that he's at least succeeding in comforting. "Babe, words can't even express how sad I feel for you and Harry right now. I'm really sorry about your loss, and if it would help we could go take a little nap in my room." He suggested. I smiled, real this time and nodded. Lou carried me to his room, and Harry went to watch Toy Story with Liam. Louis laid me down under the covers and he wrapped his arms around me. "I hope you will feel r soon J-J." He whispered. I smiled. "Me too." And with that, I fell asleep.


Louis's POV:


When Jaycee finally closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, I tried to think of things that would make her happy, and that will get her mind off of Gemma. 

Then, I finally thought of something that we would all enjoy.

Two words, three syllables.

Ice Skating.

I was really excited to tell everyone, but I thought I would make this a surprise. 

I texted everyone the address and told them to meet me there at 5pm, and it was 3:30pm already. I made reservations and then rented out the whole rink.

Then at 4:30,I woke up Janelle, and we got ready and drove to the rink.


When we pulled into the rink the look on her face was priceless.

She looked at me, with that beautiful twinkle in her brown eyes. "Thank you, and I mean it, Thank you Louis." She said, meaning it, 100%. I smiled. "Your welcome Jaycee, only the best for the best." I said. She blushed and then she leaned over and kissed my cheek.

We got out of the car, and waited out front for everyone else to show up.

I couldn't wait to ice skate!


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