Something Worth Tears -#2 The Something Trilogy

Janelle Styles makes her big return in the second book of the 'Something Trilogy.' This book will be heartwarming, but yet heartwrenching. Is Louis and Janelle's love strong enough to bring them back together? Or will Eleanor yet again barge, (and shove and wedge), her way back into Louis' s heart?


8. The Best Party Ever! Spoke Too Soon....

Janelle's POV:


I woke up and checked the time, 8:04 am. Tomorrow, would be Louis's birthday, and Christmas eve. I had already done my shopping for everyone, extra gifts for Louis though, because his birthday too. He would be turning 23, which was weird to think about. I, however, would also be turning 23, but instead, my birthday was three days after Lou's. So I would be 23 on th 27th of December. 

I got out of bed, and changed quickly. I had a lot of planning left to do. So far, I had all the invited guests RSVP, and decorated the house. Since, Lou  had gone to stay in a hotel last night, I had extra time. Me and Haz had just driven home from buying his carrot cake. It says 'Happy 23rd Birthday My Carrot Prince!' I smiled just thinking of him.


An hour before the party, Hazza walked in to talk to me. "Louis will be here soon,and please, for Mom, me, and mostly Louis, be strong, for Gemma."  I nodded and a single tear slid down to my chin. Harry wiped it off. "No more of this, Okay?" He said. I nodded again and he walked away to look out for Lou and guests. 

Soon, loads of guests piled into my house. We heard footsteps and the boys walking up with Louis. "Hide!" I whispered. Everyone did as told, and Louis walked in.

We all jumped up and yelled "SURPRISE LOUIS!" And laughed. He came over and hugged me tight. "I love you, thanks for planning this all out!" I weakly smiled, with Gemma and Anne (My Mom), on my mind. He hugged me one last time, and wandered off into the crowd of slightly drunk party guests.

I headed up the stairs, wanting to lay down, and saw Liam and Niall sitting on my bed, with what looked to be my diary in their hands! I walked over towards them and they looked at me with tears in their eyes. Liam handed me the diary. "I'm sorry we were snooping around. It's just... I'm so sorry you... you know." Liam said. He grabbed my wrist. "Why did you do this for Louis?" Niall asked quietly.I winced. "This is not a topic I wish to be discussing on such a happy night, now if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my way." I said, and walked out into the hallway. 

Once I was halfway downstairs,  I could've sworn that Niall had said "Louis doesn't deserve her." 

And I could've sworn that, deep deep down, I knew what Niall had said, was true. He didn't deserve me, and yet, I knew I would never leave his side.


Louis's POV:


My head was aching, and pounding. Because of the loud music, but mostly the alcohol. 

The room was spinning all around me, I was getting sick, and I  should stop drinking. But yet, I had a stronger urge to grab another beer, after all, It was MY birthday! I had already had 3, so what would one more matter?

I slowly popped off the lid of the beer, having strong regrets and mixed feelings swirling around in my mind. I felt very hot, so I went outside into the rain, and slowly lifted the full bottle to my lips, and took a slow slurp.

The last thing I remembered was bright blinding lights coming closer within every second.

And then, there was darkness.


Niall's POV:


"Louis doesn't deserve her Liam!" I yelled furiously. "Mate, calm down! I promise I'll talk to him and ask him why he treated her so horribly!" Liam yelled back. "But... He doesn't deserve her!" I said, burying my face in my hands. Liam came over and sat down on Jaycee's bed besides me. 

"Niall, is there something you need to tell me?" He said and pulled away my hands, leaving my troubled face to explain itself.   I nodded slowly. "Explain." He prompted. "I love Janelle." I said, hopelessly. He nodded. "Go get 'er tiger!" I chuckled, took his advice and left.

I looked downstairs, and mysteriously, everyone was gone... uh-oh... not good.

I ran outside, and saw Jaycee, kneeling besides a limp body in the road and sobbing.

I ran over and comforted her. But as I reached towards her, I saw her teared, make up, smeared face and then realized Louis was the body. I know this wouldn't end well if he died, losing him before they even got married. That would be a great conversation starter. 'Oh yah, this ring? My husband-er late fiancee died before we married.' 

I immediately called an ambulance. It arrived within minutes. 

The officer stepped out and Janelle dropped his limp hand and whispered "Please, please don't leave me."  

The officer obviously heard her and replied "Okay, you can be the one to ride along with us." He said, helping her up into the truck. She wiped away a tear and sat down. "Niall, you'll come to visit right?" She asked. I smiled in return. "First thing tomorrow morning, me and the boys." I said. She smiled, and the officer shut the door,and drove off

I watched them drive away, and then I went inside, and told the boys about tomorrow.

Then, I went off to sleep.


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