Something Worth Tears -#2 The Something Trilogy

Janelle Styles makes her big return in the second book of the 'Something Trilogy.' This book will be heartwarming, but yet heartwrenching. Is Louis and Janelle's love strong enough to bring them back together? Or will Eleanor yet again barge, (and shove and wedge), her way back into Louis' s heart?


3. Reunion, Rings, and Romance

Janelle's POV:


I walked up to the room where all I could hear was Niall's laughter. I was about to knock, but the door was open. So, I stood awkwardly in the doorstep until Louis came walking up behind me. "Look who I found boys!" He yelled and dragged me over in front of everyone. "Uhh... Hey guys!" I said, trying to break the silence.

They all glanced at Louis and he nodded, probably signalling them to leave me alone about the whole 'incident', since he has clearly moved on, and is happy again. "Jaycee!!!!" Harry yelled and pulled me into a bear hug. He looked at me seriously then set me down.  I laughed nervously. " Well it's nice to see you all again, and I'll be taking care of you all your stay so just page me if you need anything." I said.

They all nodded and I handed them a pager. They smiled and thanked me. Then some tall, super skinny, blonde, tan, big busted girl walked in. Followed by another blonde girl and a girl with long brown hair. 

The first girl, I decided was Perrie, until she ran over to Louis. "Boobear!" She yelled while laughing. She sat on his lap and comfortable. I clenched my fists when he leaned in and kissed her. Boobear was MY nickname! 

" Ash! Where were did ya go with Perrie and Dani?" He asked. She smiled and wiggled her butt around on him. " The mall!" She said excitedly. He smiled. "Cool!"  Then he glanced back to me. "Oh uhm J-J this is my girlfriend Ashlynn." He explained. "My name is Janelle, but you can call me Jaycee." I said shaking her hand. She smiled and shook it back. "Nice to meet you, Louis always tells me about you, like all the time! But you can call me Ash." She said sweetly. I smiled. 

Perrie and Dani also shook my hand introduced themselves to me. I still couldn't get it into my head that I was in the same room as Louis, and Eleanor had ruined everything. Now he had some really pretty blonde model for a girlfriend, while im just an average weight, brunette, with boring green eyes. While her eyes were an exotic shade of blue, that sparkled whenever Louis made any remark to her. He would never want me back! 

I really wished that I had never volunteered, but then again where would me and Niall be?

I smiled and waved on my way out of there room, and I walked down to my room.

As soon as I opened the door, Louis paged me.

God, what now? This would be the longest week of my life.



I walked to Louis's room and knocked. He opened the door quickly and locked it behind us. He had three wedding rings in his hands and I froze. Was this for me? No, no, that's impossible. 

He scratched the back of his head and smiled. "Which one do you like?" He asked sweetly.I smiled, maybe this was all for me. I pointed to one with two little diamonds on a silver band. He smiled. "Yeah, Ash will too." He said sweetly.

 I closed my hands into fists, digging my nails into my palm. "What?" I hissed. His smile faded. "I said I hope Ashlynn will it too. If you thought it was for you, I'm sorry." He said. " I hate you Louis Tomlinson." I muttered. His smile faded deeper away. "What...?" He said quietly.

I started tearing up. "Louis, this is supposed to be us, not you and Ashlynn! I love you Louis Tomlinson, but this is just going to kill me seeing you guys get married, and have a family! I never stopped loving you! I really didn't mean to break your heart, Eleanor made me! I couldn't do that to you, but I couldn't die either!" After confessing I was in tears. He sat by me and sighed.

"Janelle, have you really never moved on?" He asked quietly and wiped a tear off of my cheek. I shook my head. "Yeah, but your the super famous Louis Tomlinson, and you have some super pretty model for a girl friend, you could have anyone you want to." I said. He smiled. "But, I said forever Jaycee, and forever has barely started. I Love you, not Ash, shes a total slut! I t tried to get over our break up, I only love you Boo." He said and tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear. I smiled and hugged him. I saw him text Ash and break up with her.

Then, to my surprise, he got down on one knee, with the ring I picked, and said "Janelle Marie Styles, will you marry me? I never want to lose you again." 

I felt a huge smile find it's way to my face, and tears of joy. I nodded and the simple word found it's way to my mouth "Yes!!!!" I yelled. He smiled, slid the ring onto my finger and pulled into a big kiss, a passionate kiss.

Oh, how I've longed for those lips...

And now, there all mine.. forever.

I smiled, He was my prince charming, and I, his princess. But always remember, fairy tales aren't reality, and reality is never perfect.


Louis's POV:

I was so excited to have Janelle pick out a ring for my soon to be wife, Ashlynn Elizabeth Colton. She had the perfect looks, was a model, but yet everytime I was near her or we were sharing a moment, Janelle popped into my mind. 

So,that's when this brilliant plan hatched inside of my brain. I would page Janelle up to see her reaction on the rings, to see my true feelings for her. 

Janelle came almost instantly, and her reaction made my heart thud loudly. 

She thought the ring she picked was going to be her wedding ring, from me to her. I felt this weird feeling in my stomach that I used to only feel around Janelle, three years ago. My stomach started doing cartwheels, and I realized that no girl, not even Ash made me feel this way.

I couldn't marry Ash, theres only one girl in this world meant for me, and her name is 'Janelle Marie Styles.'

I texted Ash that she was no longer my girlfriend, I know that seems a little Harry-ish but, my soul mate was thinking of ways to kill Ashlynn, thinking that I was the rudest man on earth.

I got down on one knee, with the ring placed inbetween my intertwined hands. "Janelle Marie Styles, will you marry me? I never want to lose you again." I asked hopefully.

The biggest grin slowly spread across her luscious pale pink lips as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

After a few minutes of her just staring at me, she finally nodded. "Yes!" She yelled, as I pulled her into a big passionate kiss.

She was mine, again, and it would forever be that way.


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