Something Worth Tears -#2 The Something Trilogy

Janelle Styles makes her big return in the second book of the 'Something Trilogy.' This book will be heartwarming, but yet heartwrenching. Is Louis and Janelle's love strong enough to bring them back together? Or will Eleanor yet again barge, (and shove and wedge), her way back into Louis' s heart?


1. Epilouge

A lot has changed. It's been three years since we split. I regretted ever leaving him.

Now here he is, calling me over towards him. During these three years, I flew to Seattle and got a job at an upscale hotel as a maid. I actually even changed my last name from Styles, to Hensley. I am now permanently Janelle Marie Hensley. The reason for my name switch was so people just like me for me, not being Harry's older sister.

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday. All I did was stay in my room on the first floor and blast '22' by Taylor Swift. I have no friends, or any one to hang out with.

After our break up, I was so depressed that I pushed everyone out of my life. I never even bought a new phone, I didn't want Harry to try and contact me.

And now all the memories are flowing back, like a waterfall, cascading in front of my surprised Brown eyes.

"Louis?" I whispered. He stared at me then checked out my name tag. "Janelle?" He cooed.

I shook my head and looked at all the scars on my arms.

Scars I cut because of our break up. "This cannot be happening..." I said shaking my head.

He grabbed my hand.

"But love, it is happening, because this is meant to be."

I couldn't believe it.

There he was, after three-years saying he never moved on.

"Because like you said, forever is forever." He said, permanently etching that saying into my mind.

Forever is forever, he was right. How could I forget?

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