Something Worth Tears -#2 The Something Trilogy

Janelle Styles makes her big return in the second book of the 'Something Trilogy.' This book will be heartwarming, but yet heartwrenching. Is Louis and Janelle's love strong enough to bring them back together? Or will Eleanor yet again barge, (and shove and wedge), her way back into Louis' s heart?


11. All aboard!

Janelle's POV:


It was two days later, and we were all finishing up our last minute packing for the cruise. Our final destination was Florida, and we were starting in Seattle. We had driven to a Hilton hotel in Seattle just yesterday. 

"JAYCEEEEEE!" Liam yelled running towards me with my phone. I smiled. "Thanks Li, I would've left it here!"  He smiled thankfully in a cocky way. I grabbed the phone and charger and put them in my purse. When I was bent over, I felt someone pull up my yoga pants and help me up. At first, I thought it was Louis, being a cheeky boy, but then I heard, "Janelle c'mon we gotta go sis." and Harry picked up my suitcase and led me out. "The boys are already in the van, Lou's sitting in the back." He didn't need to say anymore. I locked and alarmed the house and ran to the car. 

I climbed into the back and was greeted by Zayn and Niall. "Louis is sitting in the front cause his leg is a little bruised still." Niall patted the middle seat. "All yours." I sat down. Louis turned around. "I heard my name!!!" He smiled. "Oh hey babe." I blushed and giggled. "Hey Louuu!" "Okay enough!!!" Zayn whined. Louis chuckled and turned back around, then Harry jumped in and we started driving.

I felt around for my seat belt. "There isn't one for the middle." Niall said, noticing me. "Oh sorry... What if I get huuurt?" Zayn laughed and wrapped his arms around me, in a friendly way I assumed. "I'll be your human seatbelt okay? Niall you can have a turn too. Cuz this is not too comfortable for me." Zayn chuckled. I smiled and we went over a speedbump as Harry pulled onto the freeway. My body jolted and I slammed into the seat. My face must've been beat red. "Oh- I'm so so sorry Jaycee! Are you ok-" Zayn was hugging me close to his body, and checking my face, when Niall wrapped his arms around me and Zayn unwrapped his.

"He's not that good of a seatbelt huh?" Zayn kinda glanced at him and let out a small grunt, then looked out he windows, pretending to be interested in the bland scenery.

Niall engulfed my cold body into his warm, and extremely cuddly one. I was very tired, and we wouldn't arrive for an hour or so, so I drifted off, sound asleep on Niall's chest.


I woke up later, to the sound of a loud honking. I looked around in alarm, and my body was being bounced to-and-fro. I realized someone was carrying me, and the cruise ship was in front of us. I looked up and noticed Louis's face smiling down at me as he ran to catch up with the other boys who were handing the luggage to the men. He soft lips met mine as he continued to run.

He finally caught up and we walked onto the ships main deck. I knew Lou's leg must've been hurting him, because he was limping.  A lot. I tried climbing out of his arms, but he handed me to Harry. "Take her to our room shes tired." And Louis walked away with Liam and Niall. Harry looked longingly at them. "Harry I'll take her if ya want ma-" "No I got it!" Harry sort of hissed at Zayn. Zayn looked hurt but he ran to the boys.

"Harry whats wrong?" I asked as he gently laid me down. "Nothing Jaycee, no need to worry!" He hugged me, locked the door, then left.

I knew something was wrong. And whatever it was, it was about me. Lou's fake smiles, Harry's 'Im Fines' and overprotectivness, Niall's extra hugs, and Zayn's death stares.

All I could think about was my engagement. Was it off?

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