The Publicity Problem

As an independent 18 year old with no family whatsoever in America, I was struggling to get by. That was until my neighbor Karen brought me a Help Wanted ad. It was for an assistant/intern kind of job, I needed the money. So I called the number on the paper, and went through a few interviews, and eventually got the job. The first day I showed up and met my boss, expecting it to be a middle aged woman or man. A brown haired, tanned skinned tall Canadian boy greeted me in a warm hug. Justin Bieber. We talked for a few minutes. I officially was now Justin Bieber's publicist assistant's assistant. A very long title for an odd job, I did little things like making coffee runs, picking up groceries, and dry cleaning. Although I was low in the celebrity food chain, the job allowed me to meet Ellen when Justin went on the show, that, was cool. Now, I just got promoted to Justin's publicist's assistant, and it was the high life from there on.


2. It's great, Macy!

I woke up to the screeching of my alarm clock. I smacked the off button, sitting up and the hangover headache kicking in. I went in the bathroom and cleaned myself up, and then came back to my room. I turned up the radio, Thrift Shop was on. This song = my jam. Once it ended, and I was done dancing around in my room, I decided I should probably check my phone. I had a few texts.

From: Justin

Hey :)

From: Melissa

Call me when you get the chance, Macy. It's important. Check twitter before you call me though. Top trends. And maybe yahoo news or 

I listened to Melissa's request and opened my twitter account. I had gained thousands of followers. Why? I went to the top trends. The first one was Jacy then there was Marry. Oh dear. I clicked on Jacy, revealing lots of pictures of Justin and I that I didn't even know existed. I think the fans liked me for the most part. Then I clicked Marry. There it was, the picture of Harry and I making out. How did the paps even get that?! I don't understand, there weren't even any non VIP's allowed in the club let alone paps... the directioners were calling me lucky, but they wanted me with Bieber. I then went to infamous The first story being: Harry Styles Caught Snogging Bieber's  Publicist. I clicked read more. Immediately regretting my decision. The article read:

You read that title right! First off, the publicist's name is Macy Hanover. She's been Bieber's publicist's assistant since he first came around. After Bieber's break up with his on and off girlfriend, Selena Gomez, he asked Hanover to be his date for last nights KCA's. And she obviously accepted, hence the pictures of them together on the red carpet, looking adorable! He even took her up on stage with him when he won awards, how cute! All of us at thought we would be hearing Hanover and Bieber were a couple by the end of the show. The two were spotted walking in to the after party together, Hanover still showing off her gorgeous red dress. Then before we knew it, we anonymously received a photo of Hanover smooching famous British boybander, Harry Styles! The source also told us that the two were dancing and getting on well, to only be broken apart by Bieber, who then allegedly took Hanover home. Now the real question is, who is miss Macy Hanover going to choose? Her boss? Or the boy from the party? Tell us whether you want Jacy or Marry in the comments!

My eyes widened as I reread the article. Anonymous source? Gorgeous red dress? Jacy? Marry? I quickly dialed Melissa's number, impatiently waiting for her to pick up.

"Hey, you finally called," Melissa said,

"Yeah, I saw everything..." I mumbled,

"Ah, Harry Styles, womanizer from One Direction, how'd ya meet him?" Melissa asked.

I responded, "Oh, he ran into me, causing me to drop Justin's and my drinks all over my new dress."

Melissa laughed, then said, "You know, Justin is getting crazy publicity from this! It's great, Macy!" 

I was so confused, "Wait... you're okay with this?" I asked.

"Of course I am, it's all for the publicity. Paps were running out of things to talk about now that Justin is sad and single, and Harry too, you know he broke up with Taylor Swift?" She said, ranting.

"Wow.. okay, what do you want me to do, Melissa?" I asked.

She slyly said, "Oh, I'm starting to think of something, I'll call you when I have a perfect plan. Til then, enjoy your day off, and tweet Justin AND Harry please. Think of it as your job of the day. Get Harry's number. Talk to you soon, Macy." 

The phone clicked and she was gone. 

I opened my twitter app again. I just noticed that Harry had tweeted me a few hours ago:

@Macy_H_2 Nice meeting you last night. xx

I answered him quickly, ignoring the fans' comments.

@Harry_Styles Yeah, nice meeting you too! :)

I also failed to notice that Justin had mentioned me in a tweet.

my gorgeous date @Macy_H_2 and I on the red carpet last night! :) 

I tweeted Justin back too.

@justinbieber We clean up well I guess :)

Harry had answered me, causing my interactions to blow up.

@Macy_H_2 Ahhh. So I still think I need to make things up to youuu x I'll dm you my number 

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Harry Styles was going to give me his number!!! Before I knew it, I had his number saved in my contacts and I texted him, saying hi and letting him know it was me. 

A call came in from Melissa.

"Come in to the office, now! I have big plans for you!" She said, and hung up. 

I threw on my shoes and coat, and walked down to the office. I was greeted in the conference room by merely Melissa. No Justin. She grinned when I walked in and mentioned for me to sit. She turned around the dry erase board to reveal a lot of writing and two flow charts, one labeled Justin, one labeled Harry.

"Macy, this is going to be our big publicity problem, and it's going to get your name out there, if you ever wanted to start a singing, modeling, acting, whatever career!" Melissa said excitedly. I nodded, and she continued.

"Throughout this month, I want you to go out with Justin, and Harry. I want you to be seen, for pictures to be taken and fans, and paps to talk to you. In the end, I'm not sure who I want you to end up dating, I'll figure that out soon enough. I'm going to make a call to Modest to talk to One Direction's publicist, and tell them about our plan, so Harry's in on it too. But Macy, you have to make this believable. You have to try your hardest to make it look like you have feelings for both of them. You have to get all prettied up for your dates, and tweet them, take pictures with them, and talk to their fans most importantly. Be the fans' new friend, make sure they adore you. If the fans love you, the boys will too. You're going to have to hang out with all of One Direction eventually as well. Now if all of this works, we are the most talked about two groups, and we are the talk of Hollywood, gaining more fans, and notice. It's a win win situation Macy, and it all started because of you. I'm giving you a raise, and for now you just have to try to do our publicity problem, no real work, just this big plan. Are you in?" She turned to me with a questioning look.

I nodded, "Sure, I'm in. Who do you want me to hang out with first?"

She looked puzzled, "Harry. I'll call his management right now. Okay, you can go home, I'll text you." I smiled to her as she talked on the phone to whoever Harry's manager was, 

I walked out of the office, texting Harry back, confused as to what I was really getting in to.


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