The Publicity Problem

As an independent 18 year old with no family whatsoever in America, I was struggling to get by. That was until my neighbor Karen brought me a Help Wanted ad. It was for an assistant/intern kind of job, I needed the money. So I called the number on the paper, and went through a few interviews, and eventually got the job. The first day I showed up and met my boss, expecting it to be a middle aged woman or man. A brown haired, tanned skinned tall Canadian boy greeted me in a warm hug. Justin Bieber. We talked for a few minutes. I officially was now Justin Bieber's publicist assistant's assistant. A very long title for an odd job, I did little things like making coffee runs, picking up groceries, and dry cleaning. Although I was low in the celebrity food chain, the job allowed me to meet Ellen when Justin went on the show, that, was cool. Now, I just got promoted to Justin's publicist's assistant, and it was the high life from there on.


1. Shattered Glass

"Macy!" Melissa, my boss, aka Justin Bieber's ever so angry publicist, screamed, startling me from my iPad.

"Yeah?" I asked quietly.

"I need you to make a coffee run, quick, and oh here," She handed me an envelope, "make sure you're dressed nice, I'll have a car waiting outside your apartment." 

I nodded, and headed out the door, fast-walking to the nearest Starbucks. Once I was in line I pulled the envelope out of my pocket and opened it. My eyes widened a bit as I saw it was an invitation to the Kid's Choice Awards, and the after party! I smiled as they called my name from the counter, a full drink holder with the usual favorites. I shoved the invite back into the safety of my coat pocket and took off with the coffees.

I rushed back into the office and Melissa nearly attacked me, "Thanks, Mace. You excited for the KCA's? I really hope they slime Justin." 

I giggled, "Yeah, just imagine the look on his face when they slime him!" We both laughed as he walked in and weakly smiled to us.

"What's wrong?" Melissa immediately asked.

"Selena broke up with me again, and I think it's for good this time.." He gulped.

I shyly said, "Maybe it's for the best..." 

He smiled to me, "Yeah.. but now I don't have a date for the KCA's." 

Melissa grinned from ear to ear.

She said, "Justin, why don't you ask Macy to be your date?"

He smiled, "That's actually a really great idea. Macy, would you like to be my date to the KCA's 2013?" 

I giggled, "Um, of course! I'd love to!" 

He smiled and eyed me up, Ew. He then said, "I'll text you when the limo is on it's way to get you, see you later Mace."  I can't believe it, I've worked for Justin for a year now and this is one of the first real conversations we've had. Melissa was still smiling at me, her 'I've got a plan' smirk. 

"What?" I asked her.

She just smiled, "Oh nothing," She sighed and then said, "I guess you can have the rest of the day off to go get ready.." 

I jumped up, "Really?" She nodded, "Thanks!! I'll see you tonight!" 

I walked outside down  to my nearby apartment, LA was so easy to navigate around. I rummaged through my closet until I found my favorite gown, the one I'd splurged on last month while I was in NYC with Melissa. It was long, red, and strapless. I paired it with some silver heels and curled my hair all nice. I called Justin quickly to tell him to wear a red tie so we wouldn't look stupid. After I applied way too much makeup, Justin texted me letting me know he and the limo were on his way. The stretch limo pulled up and I got into the car, to find Justin and Melissa sitting quietly sipping on some white wine.

"Hello, Macy! You look great!" Melissa said cheerfully.

Justin smirked, saying, "Yes you do, you look beautiful."

I blushed a little, no a lot, and thanked them. I was soon offered a wine, and accepted. After a longish drive, we heard the loud mumbles and flashes of cameras. Red carpet time. The door was opened for us. Melissa walked out first, practically ignored by the cameras. Next Justin, the yells from the paps got loud and rude, the cameras flashed every second.

He waited for me and took my arm leading us down the carpet, and whispered, "You nervous?"

I nodded and he said, "It's gonna be fine, promise." I nodded again and put on my smile, saying hello to the cameras, but not answering any of their stupid questions.

Are you and Justin together? Justin, where's Selena? Who's the new girl? What's your name baby?

We made it to Melissa and she gave us a thumbs up. Standing in front of the professional cameras was none other than the girl herself, Selena Gomez. AKA bitch. I hated the way she treated Justin. She used him for all of the fame he had, not because of how good of a person he was. She passed us, and then looked back, waving. I waved back, making eye contact with her, she rolled her eyes and stalked away. 

Justin laughed, "She seemed jealous, it's no wonder why though, you're gorgeous. Selena's also jealous because you're a natural blonde, a color she'll never be able to pull off."

I giggled, "Thanks Justin." 

We headed down to our seats. I would have to sit with all the other publicists, but since I was Justin's date, I got to sit right next to him, in the middle of all the other celebrities. We were lead to the end of the row, Justin took the end seat, I sat down looking to my left. Taylor freaking Swift was right next to me.

She smiled at me and said, "Hi, I'm Taylor."

I can't believe she's actually talking to me. My idol. Hero. Girl who helped me get through highschool.

"Hi, I'm Macy." 

She stood up, giving me a hug, and said, "You're Justin's date I see? Broken up with Sel again I see?"

"Yep, actually I work for him.."

She giggled and said, "Well, I think you two are utterly adorable, Mustin, Jacy! Ah, I ship it. So cute." 

I rolled my eyes at her, laughing, "It'll never happen, I wish it would, but it won't." 

Taylor and I chatted before, and during the show. She was like the sweetest person I've ever met. She wasn't going to the after party, which upset me. Justin ended up winning 4 awards, dragging me up on stage with him every time. The show was over and now it was time for the after party. Justin led me into the bar which was only across the street. The lights were already low, and everyone was already drinking. 

Justin whispered, "Can you go get us two beers, I know it'd be the gentlemanly thing to go get them myself, but I need to talk to Sel."

He gave me a sympathetic look, and I finally said, "Fine, Bieber, just be in this same spot when I get back." 

He nodded and I made my way through the drunken celebs to the bar. 

"Can I just have two BudLight's?" I asked the bartender.

"Sure thing honey, I'll even open 'em for you." He pulled out the drinks, opened them, and handed them to me. I thanked him and searched the room for Justin. He was back in our spot. I was almost through the stupid crowd when someone nearly fell on top of me, causing me to drop the beers, the glass shattering and littering the floor, and the alcohol covering my favorite dress. I was mortified. I looked up, ready to slap the person, when I met eyes with one of the most attractive men I have ever seen. He had deep green eyes, long brown curly hair, a cheeky smile, and a tall frame. He looked about as shocked as I did. 

He then slurred, "Oh my god, I'm s-sorry love.. I erm didn't mean to spill y-your drinks.. Lemme make this up to you?" 

Dear God, he was hot as hell.

I shyly said, "Oh, it's okay.. I guess I can get this washed. Or better yet dry-cleaned."

He chuckled, smirking, "I didn't mean your dress babe, c'mon let me buy you a new drink." 

I accepted, "Okay." 

He took my hand, leading me back over to the bar. "Hey again," the bartender said. 

"Hello.. can I have two beers?" The guy said.

The bartender smiled, "Sureee." He handed over the drinks to the guy and he took us to an open booth. 

"I'm H-harry by the way." He slurred.

"I'm Macy."

"Macy, what a pretty name for a beautiful girl.." 

"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself, Harry." 

Next thing I remember was Harry crashing his lips to mine from across the table, sticking his tongue down my throat, me enjoying it all too much. Then we were on the dancefloor, I was grinding my hips to him, giggling at just how much fun I was having. He kissed me again, telling me I should come home with him. 

I was about to, until my date showed up, ruining it. 

"Where the hell have you been Macy?" Justin said.

"Ohh, just um with a friendddd," I slurred. 

"You're wasted Macy, it's time to go." He sternly said.

"B-but Justyyyy I was having a good time."

"Well tell your good time goodbye, cause we're leaving." 

Harry attempted to hug me, but Justin said, "Hands off, Styles." 

Justin dragged me out of the bar and back to my apartment, he even escorted me to my room. 

"Remind me to not let you drink." He said, laughing.

I giggled, "Not like I'll remember it anyway," 

"Good," Justin said. And then he kissed me. Out of absolutely nowhere. 

When we were done he simply said, "Bye," and walked away. 

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