My life..

A 16 year old girl who makes the worst life into the best diary


11. the test!

Brookes POV and Jason had sex and we didnt use a condom :(

I got a preg. test and its postitive! He doesnt know yet.. But I have to tell him today.. I havent seen him since he is at school.. I havent been feeling good so I stayed home..*knock knock* Who is it?? Uhm Sweety its Jasons mother.. (Jen) Oh Come in Jen... I heard you crying is everything ok? she askes Yeah Everything is fine besides one thing.. What is it hun?? Im... Im....Im Preg....ent.. I fall and cry on the ground.. Im only 16 tommorow is 17!! But still Jasons 18!  I dont know if I can do this.. Hunny.. Its alright youll be fine... I promise.. SHe said and got up and left.... I sit on the bed and just think.. *5hours later* Hey babe Im home!! Jason yells.. Jason.. We need to talk..

Jasons POV
Jason we need to talk.. Brooke says.. What is it Brooke I say... pregent... She says.. I smile and jump up and down!! YAY Imma be a daddy..  Im so happy!! But Jason.. We need our own place.. She says I smile and run outside and yell DAD CAN ME AND BROOKE HAVE THE BEACH HOUSE TO LIVE IN?? He looks at me and nods and hands me the keys.. I run up satirs.. Hou about a beach house for us to and our baby?? She giggles and dances and says yes!! Will we will leave next week since Ill finseh school and you will to..(she skiped alot of grades since she was smart)

*next day*

I wakeup to see Brooke getting ready for school.. GOod morning babe..She says I get out of bed and change.. I put on a shirt that says Bruh im not even mad.. And black jeans with Jordans.. Brooke has on a lose shirt that says Bro are you mad? With white jeans and rainbow flip flops.. We go to school and school ended early this year!! WHOOP


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