My life..

A 16 year old girl who makes the worst life into the best diary


2. School

I go to Southern Creek Highschool.. I moved school since my boyfriend killed himself in the locker room.. I walk the halls like a ghost,all alone,dead, a loner, this is me..

*later that day*

as i put the code in to my locker 2-12-29 a boy pushes me and all my books fall and everyone laughs but one boy is differnt but he's a jock (or i call jocks a cock) He just looks down and frowns at them and comes over and picks them up..

Um hi im sorry about my friends.. Im Jason and your the new girl Brooke right?

I just nod.. the principle comes out and taps him and says shes been through so much she doesnt talk she hasnt talked for 3 years.. He looks shocked and slips a peice of paper in my pocket and walks away and all I hear is him fusing out his friends and everone looks at me and i run to the bathroom in tears when i hear a girl come in.. and Ask if anyone is in here so i walk out with my makeup smeard everyone looks at me and looks down all my bullys silent like I am.. everyone just isnt the same what had happend i look around and the cocks come near me who pushed me and just say sorry I just nod and Jason comes and yells she cant talk!! he mom beats her he dad toke his own life and so did her boyfriend AND YOU GUYS MAKE FUN OF HER AND BULLY HER SHE WONT TALK SHE HASNT EVEN SAID HI IN 3 YEARS SHES IN PAIN AND SOME OF ITS FROM YOU!! I look down and cry one of the teachers grab me and just holds me i felt so small.. like im a no body the teacher leaves and Jason come over and just hugs me and everyone stares.. His girlfriend come over and see's this she pushes him and slaps me in the face I back up and scream!!! I say stop and everyone looks at me i guys my mute is now un-mute..

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