My life..

A 16 year old girl who makes the worst life into the best diary


9. One night

Jason POV

I hate having to sleep on the couch... so I went to my parents room and said" Im not sleeping on the couch nomore! Its not fair you let Brooke and I sleep in my bed all the time!" They nod So I walk out.. I go into my room and her Brooke in the shower.. I open the door and she screams I say sorry and I brush my teeth she carries on.. I walk out and she changes.. She has on my fav. shirt winch is a black t-shirt with Hipsta please on it.. I laugh and she giggles.. and she askes" 2morrow wont to help me dye my hair??" I say" why do you wont to dye it"?? IDK she giggles baha.. She is so perfectly imperfect<3 all her flaws are beautiful.. she is loved here.. She Is my Brooke Dawn..

Brooke we need to talk..

Brookes POV

Brooke we need to talk.. Jason says.. yeah i say.. He says " I loved you since you walked in the school buliding.. Theirs something about you that is so amazing I think its everthing about you..Your my princess and always will be.. I've loved you and still do.. I dont wont to leave you I wont to protect you.. and save you from this hell hole and even if My friends hate me well screw them!! I NEED YOU BROOKE!! will you be my girlfriend... I smile and say YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!!! He smiles and we cuddle we watch Toy story.. I try not to fall asleep but I do... I hear Jason get up.. And then the bed shifts agin to normal weight he lays back down.. and I feel he's warm skin.. and he wraps his arms around me and smiles.. He kisses me good night and I fall asleep..

Jasons mom POV

I go into Jasons room and I see him shirtless with Brooke.. Im angrey!! I dont like this brooke girl!! She made him change.. David loves her (its jasons dad) I guess Ill have to get used to her.. Mabey she isnt as bad as I think she is.. I grab her phone and look at her messages and a date has poped up.. " 2years since Matthew has been dead" I cry a little Matthew is her ex but she loves Jason.. I feel bad for her.. i look over at Jason and Brooke and she is smiling and so is Jason he's never smiles with brittney.. I think she (Brooke) May be the one for my Jason<3

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