My life..

A 16 year old girl who makes the worst life into the best diary


7. My job

Im here im alive but not how I should be.. I dont brethe nor tslk or walk.. I float and grive and watch how my absents kills people.. My mother has gone mad..Jason gone sad and emo.. Well Britney.. She gone mute like me she cuts and she is hideing with makeup she is slowly dieing...
Why im i still on earth?? you ask.. I need a little time I have 6 Months to think about coming alive or staying dead..I could make Jason change I dont wont him to suffer.. I need him if I choose to come alive...

I miss him..

*next day*( time has stopped)

Its 6AM and all time has stopped.. I walk to Jasons house to see him on his bed and looking at our text.. I sit next to him.. and cry.. I left him I KILLED HIM!! Hes not the same no more.. Its all my fault!! I get up and leave.. I go to Britneys house to find her in the bathroom cutting I scream grab the blade and throw it.. I cry and leave I go back to Sepren ( the angle whos making me chose) I look pale she said.. Ive been crying I reply.. We go back And I make my chose.. I wont to come alive agin..

*next day*

I wake up like this has been a bad dream.. Im in the hospital.. I see a white room my mother holding my hand.. I look over and smile and she crys tears of joy.. I try to speak but nothing i wonted to say comes out besides wheres Jason.. She looks and frowns and says I havent heard from him.. I wipe tears and dial his number.. He answers ( BOlD is jason...)

Hello mrs.dawn

JASON its not her its Brooke

Brooke your alive!! Im coming to the hospital

The call drops.. I cry tears of joy and he walks in..

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