My life..

A 16 year old girl who makes the worst life into the best diary


3. Jason

Welll im Jason im on the football team but im not a cock like my "friends" My girl friend is a bitch she's the cheer captine.. I really dont like her anymore becuse she's a bitch to the new girl.. I really dont know alot about her but she's beautiful.. But i know her smiles are fake when she wears one and she's biting her tounge trying not to cry.. She's been through so much in a little amout of time.. Her boyfriend her father and her mother beats her.. I feel so bad I feel like i need her!! I think i might have feelings for her like i've never had before but shes 16 and im 18.. Just two years apart not long but she thinks all jocks are cocks.. How I know i saw her writing in her Diary at lunch wear she sits alone and doesnt eat only drinks water.. She wears long sleeves all the time.. I think she may cut becasue sometimes you can smell the stinch of blood or see the blood stains.. She talked to tell my girlfriend to stop... Britney (my girlfriend) didnt like the so much so she slapped her agin and pushed her into a set of lockers and everyone laughed agin.. I couldnt stand it so I yelled at britney and called her a slut and a bitch she laughed and looked like she was going to cry.. and she did but i didnt care she hurt some one i cared for.. and then i broke britneys heart..

Britneys POV

Jason broke up with me.. since i beat that girl!! what did i do.. I LOVE HIM AND HE LOVES ME

im not a whore nor a bitch im a sweet girl she just has a crush on him and i think jason likes her too.. so ill let them to have each other.. Just have fun with the emo little bitch jason shes gonns kill herself so dont come crawling back to me!! i mean it


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