My life..

A 16 year old girl who makes the worst life into the best diary


5. Im sorry...

Im sorry I was ever in your life.. Im sorry I ever lived.. I miss my happy days I miss Matthew!! I miss me being a happy little girl with no worries.. But its not what I miss it whats happing to me..

I understand Im not BEAUTIFUL!!!! I know im a NO BODY!!! I NO THAT. you make me suffer damn day! I dont need to be told im ugly I no I am.. But I think the world would be a better place with out me..

So goodbye to my LOVE ones

To my mother... Mom I love you even though you hated me

To Jason... Jason your sweet and i like you but you made me feel happy but it only lasted for a while..

Britney.. You made me talk winch made me sadder.. I wish I never met you but you know your also apart why im dead..

*next day*

*announce ments*

Good morning students before I Begin we had a tradige last night.. Brooke Dawn left this message for me to read to everyone..*reads message* (the message is the very beging)

She will always be remembered.. Even though she just started coming here she is still a student and will never beforgoten.. She will be having a funrul Tommorow night at 6P.M. Come to the office for more information.. And the gidince colsolr is here if you need her.. Teachers if a student leaves the room today dont yell.. students may of not of known her verey good but they may break down.. Dont yell teachers.. If you have any questions call the office.. 20034..

R.I.P Brooke Dawn.. July 23, 1997 -July 20, 2012


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