My life..

A 16 year old girl who makes the worst life into the best diary


4. Britney

Im Britney.. Im Jason's ex's but I dont care that much I just screwed up!! Why doesnt he know that?? I miss our old night convos. but I guess I wasnt enough.. I do feel bad for what I done to this girl.. I really do.. But I cant let it show because im a cheerleader and i will get Kicked off :( but im sorry for the words i screamed and yelled at you Brooke Im sorry I had something to do with your muteness but I ended it in a mean way.. I always talk before i speek its bad I know but it just happens.. It like a drug you cant stop taking it over runs your whole body and your brain says go for it but your heart is screaming for you to stop.. I guys im just a no good worthey cheerleader who only cares about myself and no one eles I do feel bad.. But why is my life so great and Im a bad person.. And her life so bad and shes a Good person.. I guess I need to suffer and she just has to.. When I didnt really know I was untill she came to our school.. I found out her Father and Boyfriend toke their lifes.. I dont know how it feels to lose someone so close because my family has never been close.. Since I was born no one has been their for me intill i was 6 But now I have everthing.. WInch sounds great but it isnt.. SInce you think your helping people when your judging them but your only making them worst.. It's called bullying it carrys over to people to people and I have the flu of the bully.. And my goal is Brooke.. but how do I stop this!!! how I dont know.. Its not right!! IT NOT GOOD FOR HER!! I dont wont to KILL her!! WITH MY WORDS NO!!! I'll pray and pray for me to get better and her to get what she deserves.. not what she dont need to happen...


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