My life..

A 16 year old girl who makes the worst life into the best diary


10. back to school

Brookes POV
I walk into the school bulding and everyone stares at me I smile and grab Jasons hand.. A girl I never saw she looks at me and says welcome back.. We missed you.. I see Britney and she trys to walk away but I run to her.. I hug her and say "stop cutting it wont help with nothing" She looks shocked and I run back to Jason.. he pulls me into a hug ans says "lets go to your locker" We walk their Nathdanile (one of Jasons friends) Look at me and Him he askes what happend to Jason.." I changed.. lets face it one person can change your whole life" He says spinning me into a hug.. I giggle and I open my locker.. I see a rose and it says "Im sorry Brooke.. I made you die.. Im sorry.. Im Nathdanlie and I like you" Jason looks at the note and tears it and I say Im happy with jason I dont need you.

Nathdanile walks away Me and Jason go to class and everyone welcomes me back.. Thanks i say I sit down and some one passes me a note.."how did you know i cut" I write" I can just tell.. Dont be sad Brittney.. Dont go on mute.."  she writes "oh ok.." I didnt respond I sat in class wounding how much longer intill i cralw into the bed with Jason..The bell rung And I walked to my locker and put my stuff up and grabed my phone and texted Jason "Hey boo!! I miss you!" *beep* "hey brookeie pooh I miss you to!! Ill meet you at the car" I walk to the car.. I see him standing their and He picks me up and I giggle!!

I love you I say and he Kisses me.. We go into his room and me have a makeout season we pulled away for brethes.. His cold hands went in my shirt and I had gose bumps... *the rest is considerd*

After that We cuddled and We forgot to use protection.. He looks at me and I look at him and he says.. If its a girl whats her name I say Elizia and a boy.. John

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