My life..

A 16 year old girl who makes the worst life into the best diary


1. About me

Hi, Im Brooke and im 16.. My life isnt the best but Im not griving Im just a girl who has her diary and shares it.. I dont ask for Pitiy or grife I just need to share my story.. And how i feel about my life and my roller coaster life, Im just a teen who gets bullyed,beat and who goes on mute for a long time.. but my diary is where i put all my problems my flaws and my haters and my creators Im Brooke Lilly Dawn.. And this is my story

I was born on July 23,1997 My mother is Megan Lilac Dawn.. My father Mitchal Tyler Dawn.. I would of had a sister but she died in child birth.. R.I.P Milly Dall Dawn 2-1-2002

My fav. color was pink but then it turned to red and black.. my hobby was cheer but then it turned to my diary.. I never use my voice anymore its been 3 years since i talked, My teacher dont ask me no more my friends have blown away like leafs in the fall.. My lunch has became water water and more water I dont eat alot since im not allowed they say im not worth it.. My mom lovED me intill i tured 13 ever since then she hated me.. my dad died from a gun he toke his on life but he loves me he got me flowers he held me but why did i care!!! no one is their when im scared im alone helpless.. Im like a bird with a broken wing.. Alone no one to hold me.. My ex-bf toke his own life too.. He wrote me a note saying


Im sorry my love people call me names im tired of getting bullyed im done im dead by the time you get to this part the stoll is long gone me will im hanging.. im some where dont bother looking for me.. because im right here beside you.. im not gone im not saying goodbye its just a farewell untill next time we met

~ Matthew



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