Nu'est and Slenderman

What happens when Slenderman kidnaps Nu'est? How will they get out? Will they survive? ~~ Yeah... my friend is a little weird...


1. End

Ren woke up to find himself in the middle of a dark forest with only a flashlight.

"Hello?" He called out. No one answered. "Can someone tell me where I am?"

He got up and turned on the flashlight. It flickered a bit and dimly lit a small area around him.

"Baekho? JR? This isn't funny, guys! Why do you think it's fun to pick on the maknae?" He whined.

He looked down and saw a note at his feet. "Find all eight notes and you will get out of here alive."

"What kind of sick joke is this!?" he yelled. Then he heard bushes moving around and his heart skipped a beat. "Alright! I'll play your fucking game..."

Ren shined the flashlight around and found a dirt path. He walked down it slowly and looked around. He had a feeling that someone was watching him...

After searching high and low for the notes, he found one on a large tree. There was a drawing of a figure with no face, long arms and long legs. The word "no" was written repeatedly around it.

"...The hell does this mean?" Ren scoffed. "One down... seven to go."

He continued down the path and the feeling of eyes on him grew stronger. He kept turning around to see if anything was behind him, but there was nothing. When he turned back around, he bumped into a muscular body and fell onto his butt.

"Ren! I'm so happy to see you!" He exclaimed.

"Baekho! I'm so scared. Where are we?" Ren asked, hoping Baekho would know.

"I don't know. Did you find any notes?"

"Yeah, but I don't know what it means..." Ren sighed as he handed the paper to Baekho. "What about you?"

Baekho shook his head. "No, I haven't found anything. We should stick together."

Meanwhile,  Aron and JR had  found eachother and were looking for notes.

"JR, I found a note!" Aron yelled, running out of the large pipe.

"What does it say?" JR wondered.

"It says, 'Always watches... No eyes'," Aron read.

"This is creepy."

"Do you think the others are here, too?" Aron asked.

"I hope so. Let's split up and look for them," JR proposed. That could possibly be the stupidest idea one could make in this situation, but they did it anyway.

JR was walking through the woods and came across a large clearing. There were rows of large metal barrels. At the end, there was a small building. Being the idiot he is, he went inside.

There were many rooms in the building. He looked in each and every one of them to look for notes. In one of the rooms, he did.

"Don't look or it takes you," JR read. "What is going on?"

JR left the building and his ears started ringing. He shook his head trying to make it stop, but it kept getting louder and louder. Then he got a splitting pain in the back of his head, forcing him down to the ground.

"Someone help me!" he yelled.

He turned around and saw a tall figure in the distance. Every time JR blinked, it would get closer.

"W-Who are you?" JR asked it as he went unconcious.
Aron walked down the path, not bothering looking for the notes. He just wanted to find his friends. 

"Ren? Minhyun? Baekho? Guys, where are you?" He called out. He saw a faint light coming from farther down the path and he ran towards it. "Is that you!?"

"Baekho, it's Aron!" Ren smiled.

"It is you! I'm so glad you guys are okay," Aron said. "JR and I split up to find you."

"What about Minhyun?" Baekho asked.

"I thought he would be with you," Aron replied.

"Well, we haven't found him yet," Ren responded.

"Maybe JR found him," Baekho assured.

The three of them continued searching for the missing members. They had no luck. Minhyun was no where to be found.

"We've looked everywhere! We haven't even found JR. Where could he even be?" Aron groaned.

Ren wandered off from the group without noticing. He found an abandoned truck with a note on it.

"I found another... note," Ren said. "Guys? Where did you go?" He looked around to see if they were hiding, but he couldn't find them.

He looked down at the note in his hands. "Can't run."

He started to head back to where he came from when his ears started ringing like JR's. His vision started to get blurry and his legs grew numb. He tried to yell for help, but nothing came out. Soon the blackness came over him and he fell unconcious.


Aron and Baekho still hadn't noticed Ren was missing. They were busy looking for JR and Minhyun so their group would be whole again.

"JR, Minhyun! If you can hear us, come to the big tree!" Aron called out, hoping they would hear. "Ren, can you... Where's Ren?"

Baekho looked around, noticing the maknae was gone. "Ren! Where are you?"

"Baekho, climb to the top of the tree and see if you can find them. I was going to have Ren do it since he's smaller and can move quicker, but..."

"Why can't you do it?" Baekho protested.

"You're stronger so it would be easier for you to," Aron explained.

"Ugh, fine..." Baekho groaned.

As he got halfway up the tree, his ears began ringing and he stopped climbing.

"What's wrong? Why did you stop?" Aron worried.

"Do you hear that?" Baekho wondered.

"I don't hear anything. Just keep climbing!"

"I-I don't think I can..."

"Why not?"

"I'm feeling... really dizzy," Baekho slurred. His grip was slipping off the tree and he fell off.

Aron quickly ran over. "Are you okay?"

Baekho weakly raised his hand and pointed. "N-no face..." he said with his last breath.

Aron swiftly turned around and the figure was standing over them.

"Who are you?" Aron questioned, trying not to sound scared.

It lifted its hands to its face and pulled off its mask.

"Minhyun? Why?" Aron questioned as the started to lose vision.

"Because its fun."



So... Minhyun is Slenderman. Well, it makes sense since he's so god damn tall...

This fic was so completely random...

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