Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


5. The next day.

Belle's P.O.V

The next day I was awoken from my dreams to a gagging noise I gently lifted Niall's arm of my waist slowly trying not to wake him and walked across the hall it lead me to a door under the stairs I knocked on it and then it opened with Eleanor stood their. "What's wro-" before I could finish she pulled me in.

"Don't tell anyone!!!" she whisper yelled. "I won't, spill" I said. "I think i'm pregnant!!" she whisper yelled again. "WHAT!!!!?? what will you do, we'll sneak to the hospital later okay" I said.

"Well if I was i'd have to keep it, I HATE abortions and okay" we both walked out and sat and watched sponge-bob for a bit until they all started to wake up and pile into the kitchen. "Shall we go now?" I whispered to Eleanor who was wrapped around Louis with her head on his chest. She nodded we walked out to her car and got in, we were still in our pajamas but it doesn't matter really we go out in them nearly all the time in the mornings.

"I just hope i'm not, but I do love babies it's just like Louis will be away all the time and I need to do my modeling and I won't be able to look after him or her." she lifted the clutch and changed the gear and off we were

"Well i'd look after her or him while your away if you want me to but just not on Thursday's, Fridays and Saturdays." I said

"Aw thank-you" She said looking over to me and smiling.

We arrived and we was waiting in the waiting room they were a lot of families playing around and then some babies and toddlers crying badly, I look at El who looked at me and rolled her eyes, this definitely wasn't helping her.

"Miss Eleanor Calder" The nurse said and waited patiently at the door for us she grabbed my hand and squeezed it slightly. "Pray for me" She whispered to me as we walked over to the experienced nurse. We followed her down the corridor the smell of medicines filled my nose and the nurses rushing past us jogging into different rooms and some coming out with needles and other sorts of equipment. "Here we are if you'd just like to take a seat we will be over to you in a minute" We sat down and didn't say anything she came back with a test and took Eleanor into a side room.

I texted Niall saying: Hey, Me and El are just at the hospital we will explain it all later it isn't a big deal so don't worry and we will pick up a Nandos for all of us so tell the others not to cook anything, Xxxxxxx Love You with all my heart.

Eleanor came back on her own and sat back down next to me and then the nurse entered with the results in her hand.






The nurse stood their with the results in her hand.


Belle's P.O.V

"Congratulation's you're pregnant" the nurse cheered. Oh no. Eleanor couldn't handle it she broke down into my lap tears pouring out. "It's okay El, stay strong we will all help you through this especially Lou your both perfect with each other.

She looked up and smiled. "But what about my modelling job?!" she said through her tears. "I'm sure they won't mind will they" I said confronting her and trying to make her feel much better she wiped away her tears and got up she held out her arm and I put mine through it and we walked out of the hospital and paparazzi everywhere asking everything.

'Eleanor, Eleanor'

'Belle, Belle, Belle'

'Are you pregnant'

'Who's Pregnant'

'Eleanor's pregnant'

'Belle's pregnant' 

Were most of the rumours they were saying. We got in Eleanor's car and drove fast to Nandos. I bet Niall's starving. I logged into twitter on my phone to see which ones of the rumours had spread out internationally.

#eleanorcalderpregnant was one of the trends how did they find that out so quick Louis the dad doesn't even know and the whole world knows before him.

"Oh my gee's, one of the trends is Eleanor Calder Pregnant" I told her. It fell silent for a moment "Well the world will have to get used to it because i'm NOT getting a abortion ever, their just cruel" she said bravely, that's my El we pulled up to Nandos car park and they were a few fans who asked for a picture with us both together. We did a few but then it got a bit to crazy so we just ran off and into the resteraunt. We ordered a LOT and rushed home before it got cold.

"When are you going to tell Lou and the others?" I asked when we got out of the car. "Probably now would be the best time" she answered and opened the front door. Everyone came rushing all fully dressed and we was still in our pajamas I put the food down on the kitchen surface and ran upstairs to go get dressed El followed and I went into the spare room again and I slipped these on.

I did my make up carefully and then I needed to curl my hair, I walked out and couldn't hear Eleanor so I just walked into her room and used her curling wand she wouldn't mind I use it all the time I finished up and then went downstairs everyone was eating their Nandos I sat on the edge of Niall's lap not getting in the way of his eating, he hooked his arm around my waist and cuddled me closely "So girl's we've got something exciting to ask you!" Louis shouted across the table him and Eleanor were sat how we were. Millie and Harry were sat next to each other on one side and Liam and Danielle on the other and Zayn was rinsing his hands in the sink. Aw I feel sorry for him.

"Oooo what is it" Eleanor asked. Niall lifted up his half eaten chicken to my face for me to take a bite I took a small one I wasn't that hungry. We laughed and then looked over at Louis who was telling the girls some news.

"YOU CAN COME ON TOUR WITH US" Harry shouted spilling it out before Louis could I looked at Lou who was smirking at Harry.

"Reeaallly?!!! who said" El shouted

"Paul" Liam answered.

"Yayyy I love coming on tour with you'se" Dani said.

"El what about our job, do they let you take trips?" I asked not wanting to loose my modelling job.

"Yep but not alllllll the time" She said.

"When and how long are you going for?" I asked Niall who was still scoffing his food.He wiped his mouth with a napkin "6 months and next week" He answered 6 months!!!!

"Sorry, I can't" Millie said, Awww nooo.

"Why?" Dani asked

"I have my college studies to do and they're really important I delayed them last month and I cant delay them again."

"Aw could you not just ask them again?" Harry asked

"I will ask later but there's no guarantee" she said. I looked over to El looking to see if she was about to ask them and I think she saw me looking. "Oh I've got something to tell you guys, only Belle knows but Lou need's to know mostly" She said and stood up infront of everyone.

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