Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


16. Swimming

Belle's P.O.V

I woke up from my dreams and craved for some twix's again. I had my arms wrapped around Niall like he was my teddy bear so I loosened off him a bit, but he slowly opened his blue eyes. "What do you want to do today?" He asked in his attractive sleepy tone. 

"Erm..... swimming" I said smiling.

"Okay" he said. I kissed his lower chest and then he lifted my shirt up and kissed the tiny baby bump.

I got out of bed and pulled out a bikini and towel. I wasn't going to unpack seen as we are only here for two days. I packed a few different bikinis. "Shall we go wake the others so they can come down to?" I asked. "Yes, you do that i'll go wake Paul and he can reserve the pool for us" He replied and pulled himself out of bed he only had his underwear on and he has a awesome body. "My face is up here" he laughed. "Oh sorry". I texted my mum saying: Hi mum, i'm really sorry but i'm pregnant. I can do this i've got all the boy's and girls to help me through this. Well Danielle, Eleanor is pregnant to. Sorry I didn't tell you don't go mad it is my choice.

She shouldn't be mad at me! Cory got Jade pregnant when he was 20 and Jade was 19. 

I ran out in the corridor and knocked onto Zayn and Harry's door first there was no answer. "Are you awake...." still no answer. "OK well i'm just gonna come in" I waited to see if they would reply but they didn't so I opened the door slowly so it made a creek. Yep they were still in bed fast asleep. "COME ON GUYS WE'RE GOING TO THE POOL!!" I yelled jumping on Harry's bed and then jumping over to Zayn's  without touching the floor. Harry let out a tired moan and rolled over to the left to face the window the blinds were closed so it blocked out the morning daylight. "Okay, Okay we'll be up in five" Harry said. "Well okay meet us down at the pool" I replied and stopped jumping on their beds and ran to Liam's and Danielle's I knocked on the red painted door softly "Come in" I heard Danielle say. I opened it and stood in the doorway they were playing on Danielle's I pad. "You coming swimming now?" They looked up from the flashing screen and looked at each other. "Yes okay" Liam agreed I shut the door after walking out and walked back down the small corridor to El's and Louis room. I was about to knock on the door but it opened and my arm flew through the frame and I ended up smacking Louis in the face. "oops i'm so sorry" I tried to hold my giggles back. He laughed "It's okay it didn't hurt" He walked past me and towards the lounge "You and El coming swimming today?" I asked. "Yes we will do" He replied and then I skipped towards mine and Niall's room.

I picked out a nice bikini it has the USA flag on and I quickly flipped my hair into a ponytail and clipped a cute accessory into the bobble. I picked out a towel from mine and Niall's bathroom cupboard and walked into the lounge/dining room/ kitchen because it's all been put into one but it's huge.


"Ready to go?" I asked them all who were sat around in different places and ready with their swimsuits on and towels wrapped around them.

"Yep" Niall said walking up to me and taking my hand that was not holding anything. We all walked out and rushed into the elevator all fighting over pressing the button just like kids.

I unwrapped the towel which was around my body and placed it on a sun bed. I felt eyes on me as I turned around mostly Niall's and Harry's. "Right, come on then" I shouted and grabbed both Harry's and Niall's hands and dragged them in unknowingly. "Ahh" Harry shouted just till we got to the water he stopped. We all lifted our heads up and laughed hysterically.

Harry swam off later probably to Louis and El mostly to mess about with Lou. I swam over to the edge of the pool and Niall followed close behind. I grabbed the surface of the edge and was about to turn I couldn't I was lifted out of the water, I knew it was Niall he flipped me onto his shoulder but really carefully and minding not to hit the baby's bump too hard, I really can't wait for the baby now, Niall will be a great father, well hopefully he wouldn't leave us!

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