Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


25. Seeing Jake again.

Bella's P.O.V

"Wake up...Bella.. Sweetie.. It's time to wake up" Niall shook me gently I was too tired to open my eyes. I just couldn't I'm so tired. I finally fluttered them open "Aah" I moaned and rolled on my side and pulled the covers over my head.

"Come on silly... it's half 2 in the afternoon and we're going to Louis' and El's later to visit Jake" Niall said softly trying to comfort me but I think mostly trying to tempt me into getting up.

I finally pushed the cover's of me and half opened my eyes so the brightness of the light could sink in I rubbed them and then opened them fully, Niall was sat on the bed beside of me combing his hands through my long chocolate brunette hair.

I just can't wait to see our baby girl she will have blue eyes with a dash of green and straight light brown hair because Niall has naturally got dirty blonde hair and I have light brown, so that explains it.

I got up and chose some clothes from my drawer Niall was already dressed in his jack will's jacket and some baggy pants like chinos and his blue Nike blazers. I brushed my teeth for 2 minutes and put a light amount of make up on and then Niall had gone out and got me some Nandos so I didn't have to cook anything just heat it up.

We arrived over at there's 15 minutes later, I only slipped my joggers on and a baggy jumper which was loose enough to cover half of the bump, after  We pulled into his driveway and knocked on the door and waited, "Come straight in" Louis shouted loudly, I bet they will be very tired and busy so I guess it'll just be us lot on X-Box , television or movies.

We walked in surrounded with the smell of sweat and a weird/different smell, must be the baby, stunk!!..

"Hay giirls hayy!" I took a seat next to Piper, Zayn's girl, He asked her out while we were on tour it was SO sweet, the day was 2 weeks before we left Piper had been at ours a lot since we met her at mine and El's baby shower, she is a great friend and such a laugh, she is kind, sweet, funny, nice and not to forget beautiful! She is extremely pretty and caring she loves Zayn so much and he loves her he wouldn't do such a thing to upset her and she has made him super happy, well... since.. you know.. Perrie.

I don't hate Perrie she was a best friend to me, even though she and I only knew each other for around a month I still knew she was very, very nice and she did absolutely nothing wrong but when the tabloids started making horrid lies about Zayn cheating on her they finally broke up because it sounded so true but I know it wasn't the pathetic girl just made it up so she could be seen in the papers, how selfish! Perrie got a boyfriend straight after that just to make Zayn jealous, I had never seen Zayn so upset like that before. He finally realised he was being used for Zayn so he broke up with Perrie.

"Hiiiii!!" Piper leaped up and hugged me by the side and the same with Dani but El wasn't there. Niall followed in after we finished hugging with some toast what Louis had made for himself, greedy Niall!

"NIALL, GREEDY GUTS, We've just had dinner!!" I yelled causing everyone in the room to turn to look at him, he suddenly blushed and rushed over to Liam but before he could he tripped over a tangled up pile of picnic typed blankets that was dumped on the floor causing him to let go of his toast, Niall!! Letting go of food!! Strange. . . "AAHHH OW", "Deserve's you right eh?" I giggled everyone burst into tears of laughter, He stood back up dusted off his grey pants and then picking his slice of toast back up and walked out of the room pouting. 

"Aw bless him" Liam said, I giggled and followed Niall, he sat on the stairs staring into space while eating his toast and I sat down beside him. Is something wrong with him? I hope he's OK.

"Niall honey" I said while he stared down to his feet not looking up at me. He didn't reply, I carried on where I left off "What is the matter?"

"Nothing, everything's fine." He replied, well obviously there isn't.

"No, obviously there isn't tell me, I'm not going to leave?"

"No it's OK"

"Niall stop being so stubborn and come out with it."

"It's... it's.. j-just" He stuttered and then stopped, and put his face into his palms of his hands.

"Carry on, it's perfectly fine."

"I'm scared." Aw my poor baby I put my arm around his back and squeezed him tightly.

"I'm scared to be a father... I know nothing about it, Louis and El are struggling to cope and they love babies and know so much about them.

"It's okay Nialler we will soon learn just remember they are only on their first week, it will sink in soon."

" I love you" He said out of the blue, still looking down at his feet. "You always know what to say and how to cheer people up..... your perfect and not to forget beautiful and amazingly gorgeous"

"Thank you Nialler but I'm far from perfect." He finally looked up to me not looking in my eyes though, but... at my lips, I knew exactly what he wanted and I gave it him we both pulled into a kiss that lasted about 30 seconds until we were interrupted. *Cough Cough* We pulled away and looked to face Eleanor making her way down the stairs with Jake wrapped in a blue blanket with sheeps on it. We got up and walked down to the bottom of the swirled stairs.

We stood at the bottom for Eleanor to see the cutie, Jake. She gave us a warm smile and handed me him. He was awake and watching the passing by ceiling as El moved him closer to me.

He had blue shining eyes, and had grown a tiny bit since we last saw him in the hospital.

"Hello cutie." I whispered bringing him closer towards me. Niall came closer too us to and looked over my shoulder resting his cheek on my shoulder and putting his warm gentle hands on my waist, I looked to El she was smiling to us watching our cute moment, but it couldn't just be her to see this moment all of a sudden everyone rushed in and looked at us in Awe- pausing from the sight.

"Yes?" El asked?

"Movie time?" Lou asked. She nodded and we followed them into the big TV room.

Lazy Day Yay :)

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