Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


11. Niall, don't leave

Niall's P.O.V 

We carried on having our dinner and I just acted like I didn't know what happened she said she was going to the hospital for what the cause of the sickness was for when really I know it's for a pregnancy test but I went along with it and she can tell me when she is ready.

Bella's P.O.V

Me, Millie, Danielle and Eleanor have gone to the hospital for a pregnancy test, I hadn't told Niall yet because we weren't 100% sure.

We reached the hospital ward and got to the reception. "Hello, how can I help you lovely all dressed up girlies?" The receptionist asked. i giggled at her comment "Well.. we have come for a pregnancy test" I answered. 

"Okay just take a seat over there, you will have Nurse Ling she will come out in a few minutes" she said nicely.


"I really do hope I'm not pregnant". I said while plopping down onto the blue cushioned seat. "What if I am Niall will leave leave me and find another girl and call her his princess" I said nearly crying but I held back my few tears I had left back.

"No, no , no, Niall would never do such a thing, your his one and only princess and I have known him for a long time now and I know he wouldn't, I think out of all the boys he is the most responsible as well as Liam and would stick with you through this". Eleanor said she really does know how to help me out, I pushed the tears that were in the back of eyes back down and I was ready to go find out. I hugged Eleanor tightly.

"Thank-you and of course Louis is responsible to" I muttered.

"Well it depends on exactly what he's up to" She chuckled

"Yep that's definitely true" We all laughed.

"Millie are you okay?" I asked her, she's been really quiet these last couple of days, I wonder what's up with her, she's usually bubbly and crazy but I haven't seen her like that in..... well quite a while now.

"Yes I'm fine"

"Well we all know your not, you've been so quiet, don't you two agree." I looked at Danielle and she nodded and so did Eleanor.

"Well, I really want to come on tour with you three and the boy's but I really can't I'm going to miss out on so many adventures, opportunities and most of all shopping and having fun and sleepovers with you three" She whimpered softly not wanting to make a big fuss. I understood when one of us is upset we never want to be fussed over I tried as much as I could to reassure her without causing a big drama scene.

"It'll be okay honey-bug" We always used to call each other that when we were little girls. "It'll get better soon we will Skype you every night so it'll be like your actually with us" 

"Okay thank-you" she said and hugged me while resting her head on my shoulder.

"Miss Bella-Rose Brown" Nurse Ling called looking around for any movement we stood up and grabbed our bags. We had a lot of stares passing around from the sick or injured patients, maybe cause we had dresses on and all formal.

"Ah, follow me ladies" I think the lady was Korean she had an ancient that sounded it anyway she was probably middle-aged with middle length black hair tied back into a low pony tail. 

We got to room 9 and entered it was my turn to do what El did now I got handed a bucket and I had to pee inside of it. I'd done and I knocked twice on another room's door where the nurse had disappeared of to, She reappeared again and I handed her the bucket. "You go back to friend's now" She said in her ancient, I squeezed onto the edge of Millie's chair and Eleanor was sat calmly on Danielle's knee.

The nurse came back and said : "Congrat's you are pregnant" I looked blankly at Danielle who was facing me and then Millie and Eleanor looked who were staring off into space. "Aw babyy it'll be fine" Millie said. and hugged me. "I didn't even flinch I just stared, still blankly, I didn't even have the urge to cry all my tears had disappeared I was just thoughtless and I was at the time me and Niall you know.... I just want to know what Niall had to say, "Come on let's just back" I said and we walked out.

"Thank-you, thank-you" Eleanor said all bubbly like she was all the time she nearly walked into the door when cause she was too busy skipping backwards and smiling and waving to the nurses


We were driving Millie home and I still hadn't cried or had the urge to. Millie hopped out of the car and just stared at me with those blue bright sparkly eyes. Tears were slowly about to come on her but they didn't till I spoke up. "Well I guess this is it" I said, she giggled but the tears flew out. "Aw come here give me some" I said.

We stood around for about 5 minutes saying our good byes she really was a good friend and always cared. "Well you best be off now, but you two missys" She said pointing at me and Eleanor "No drinking and protect them babies!" We laughed and then we were off. I was in tears, yep she made them come out and so was Eleanor and Danielle but they'd calmed down now.


We got back to Niall's house, and entered I was in tears still but just wiped them away I don't want any attention. I took my heels off and put my purse on the side I walked straight up into Niall's room and shut the door behind me. I stripped my dress off and found my bunny baby grow in Niall's closet I keep it over here so it is there when I need it I put my dress in my suitcase which was ready for tour I dropped it off at Niall's earlier. There was a slight knock on the door and I heard it creek, I instantly turned into ninja mode I was only in my underwear and someone was about to enter. I saw a bit of blonde squeeze it's way through the crack. "Can I come in?" I knew it was him you can tell with the heavy accent  "Of course you can it's your room" I said, he entered and I saw his eyes pop as soon as he saw me half naked. I slipped into the baby grow and zipped it up so he could see no more.

He suddenly went back to normal and sat on the bed and pulled me to sit down with him

"Baby, I know why you went to the hospital"

"What how?!" I asked

"Signs and symptoms, your pregnant aren't you" he said softly trying not to make me worry or freak.

"Yes please don't be mad or leave me I can't do this by myself" I said worriedly.

"Aw now honey why would I leave you, you don't get Prince William leaving Kate do you."

"Now it's our turn to do what they are doing, bring this kid up to be as good as possible"

I giggled and got up i'm so glad he isn't mad. I love this boy I really do. But wait....

"How'd you know I was pregnant when all I did was throw up?"

"Food cravings... Mood swings...hormones"

"I have totally not been moody!!!" I yelled, he pointed to me and raised one of his eye brows. "Ugh, how do you know about my cravings?" 

"sleep talker" 

"Ugh you got me again" he giggled "Hormones, but they are for real reasons though it wasn't hormones?" I asked concerned.

" Oh dear yes it was  you cried when the Andrex puppy advert came on last  week sometime, then you cried when I made myself a sandwich and you cried in Mcdonalds when the Ice cream machine was broke." He said laughing.

I laughed but then I got another urge I was about to throw up again I ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet then I heard someone run up the stairs to it was El she rushed to the toilet and threw up also. "Harry's on the loo downstairs she exclaimed. They were voices coming from behind us we both moved our hair out of the way and looked all the boys and Dani were stood their laughing except Harry, I burst into tears, Wow definitely hormones. Niall rushed over and comforted me and Eleanor started laughing till I gently smacked her arm, not hard, and she burst into tears Louis rushed over and comforted El.

"Ehh,  pregnancy's" Louis chuckled. We burst into laughter well they did except me and Eleanor who was trying to empty it all out.

What A Great Time This Will Be....

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