Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


12. I love you more than words can say.

Belle's P.O.V

*beep, beep* I woke by my phone alarm going off I turned it off and turned to Niall's side and he was fast asleep, I rested my head on his chest and planted a tender kiss and he let out a soft moan.

"You shouldn't wake me up like that, it turns me on." he said in a raspy tone. I giggled and pulled the cover's off both of us.

"I'm going to go take a shower we've got half an hour till we set off" I said.

"Can I come?" He asked hopefully.

"No" I said he pouted. "Please"  he said again more hopeful this time.

"Oh go on then" I grabbed his hand and pulled him up I grabbed a sweater and some joggers that I left on Niall's desk for today and he grabbed his red polo shirt and black trousers from his dresser.

We walked into the bathroom and undressed and we both hopped in. The water relaxed me as soon as it hit my back but soon another urge came, here comes the sick spells. I fell to my knee's and threw up Niall suddenly helped me to my feet and I stopped. "Sshh it's okay" He reassured me and moved my hair back.

We finished in the shower after I washed away the taste in my mouth. I hadn't got a bump yet just a really mini one but you could hardly tell. I dried myself of and so did Niall I brushed my teeth for about 5 minutes getting all of it out of my mouth and pulled my clothes on and left my hair to dry itself so it would show it's natural curls. I went into mine and Niall's room and checked my phone and had a text from my mum, I hadn't told her about being pregnant yet I will when we get onto the plane it said


from mum: Hi Bella-boo-boo have a great time on tour with them and be extra safe, ok!? No getting into trouble or getting hurt We love you all of us and will miss you, Lots of love Mum, Dad, Cory and Jade and April Xxxx 

It was from yesterday but I hadn't looked at my phone.


I texted back saying: Okay tell them all I will miss them too and don't worry there will be no trouble and I will be safe I've got the girls and boys and a lot of security to block that xxxx


To Millie: Heyy we're setting off now, we're going to really going to miss you!! Keep on studying and get all A*'s on everyone of your exams :) Love you xxxxxx


I put my phone down and put a light amount of make up on and done I was now finished and looked through my pink suitcase to check if I had everything I needed. I slipped my Nike blazers on and put my moustache snap-back on


I had and I was finished Niall must be ready and downstairs now. I walked down and everyone was rushing around the house packing food and drinks for the journey or setting the house alarm etc. I lifted my suitcase out of the door there was a black limo with black out windows parked on the side of the road I wheeled the case to the limo where Zayn was standing talking to Paul I tried not to interrupt them by staring till Harry rushed over to me and grabbed my suitcase and put it into the limo's trunk. I followed him over to the back and he lifted it up. Gosh he's strong it was so heavy, when I had to lift it to pick it up. 

The journey there was quiet seen as everyone was half asleep. I pulled my phone out of my pocket *1 new message* I read.

from Millie: I will, will. I already miss you xxxxxx but thanks for waking me up ;) much love for that.

Whoops it was meant for when she wakes up, I drifted off to sleep as soon as I was about to definitely go into my dreams I was woken by screams. Oh god we're here and I haven't had any sleep and I've been awake for an hour watching everybody sleep with smiles on their faces, I'm gonna be cranky with Niall now. We got out of the Limo and grabbed our cases as quick as we could a huge group of screaming girls were heading our way and camera's flashing right in our faces so it was hard to get out our bags fast. We ran in the entrance doors. "GUYS.. WAIT. HELP!!" I heard someone screech we all looked and it was Eleanor we ran to her and tried to get her bag for her not wanting her to upset the baby inside of her the girls were getting closer now and we were still struggling. "Guys get inside!!" Paul yelled we all ran past him and I saw Louis sweep Eleanor of her feet he carried her bridal style in one arm while he wheeled his case along with the other.


We safely boarded the plane all catching our breaths back, they're so dedicated to them they were all up at half 4 in the morning to try and get to see the boys. I wonder how they knew though, that we were all going at that time etc.?

I signed into twitter to see some nice comments hopefully missing out some hate. I do get hate about being pregnant, yes it went worldwide on the first night we found out. The fans were so persistent and are always up to date, everywhere we went they knew about so quickly, it's quite scary to be honest!

I was seated next to the window and then Niall was next to me then Zayn next to Niall and then Paul next to Zayn. Behind us it was it was Louis, El, Dani and Liam.

 "I'm gonna try and get some sleep babe" I said to Niall who was watching football (soccer for Americans). I put my phone away after logging out of twitter

"Okay, I love you"

"I love you too more than words can say" He smiled and kissed my neck, I let out a quiet moan, well... I thought it was quiet till Louis jumped up from behind us "NIALL.... keep it in your pants!" He pulled away slowly and pushed Louis' face back down he planted another soft short kiss on my neck and before he pulled away he licked me I giggled and he just laughed.

He lifted up my shirt and put his warm soft hand on my tiny bump and leant down and kissed it gently.

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