Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


2. How I met them

I was at work it was my 1st shoot and on my 2nd week everyone was rushing about asking questions and looking for clothing and there I was stood in the middle of it all clueless.

I need to ask someone, but who? I walked over to a tall woman with dark brown hair just passed shoulder length she was sorting out some clothes on a moveable hanger.

"Excuse me please can you help me I need to go for my firstshoot but i'm new and I don't know wh-" She cut me off before I could say anything more.

"You see that girl over there go ask her she help's people out like you on Saturdays"  She pointed over to a girl and then turned back around to the clothes rack the girl was stood in the corner with a clipboard and pen in her left hand and in the right she was holding her mobile phone she had blue denim shorts on and a white silk top that had flowing sleeves I'm sure I had seen her before but I don't know where from.

"Thanks" I turned around to the lady who was still standing there until she walked off and didn't even reply, thanks very welcoming for a newcomer. The studio was huge with black painted walls and you could see flashes everywhere you looked and lot's of pretty girls walked past with really nice clothes on some hardly had anything on. I walked over to the girl who I was told to go to. I was really nervous would she like me? Or would she be as rude as hell like the other one?

"Hi, please could you show me where I go for my first shoot?" She looked up from her phone and gave me a quick dirty glance, Oh great here we go again another bitch. She looked back down at her phone and switched it off. "Sure seen as it's my job today" She huffed, gosh why are they so rude around here, it's not even my fault, I'm new for goodness sake. I gave her a look like I-haven't-done-anything-whats-wrong-with-you I noticed she understood "sorry... it's just.. my boyfriend.. he won't stop texting me!" She chuckled "I see" there was a pause until it clicked One Direction my friend Millie is obsessed with them and she had shown me a picture of her and the one who wears a stripy t-shirt or something, I'm not really a fan of them though "Ohh your the one who is dating the one from One Direction aren't you.?" I asked "Yeah, yeah"-another pause-"Do you have a slip" she asked, I handed her the slip which showed the directions to different photo-shoot stations. She lead me around the different mini studios explaining which one was which. "Oh I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Eleanor Calder" she said, I already noticed when it was on her name badge.

"I'm Bella-Rose but you can call me Bella or Belle, I don't mind." 

"Okay this is it just sit on this bench and they will get to you your up after her" She pointed to a blonde girl sat on the bench she had long hair with a lot of make up on I had my make up done when I arrived they showed me to the dressing room chose my clothes and did my make up and that's it they left me stood there when they were done. "Then they will explain it all, now I have to just do some jobs slash chores, but when your photo-shoot is done just wait here and i'll come and show you around to some other stations and that". She explained she was so nice and very pretty she walked off the same direction we came and I took a seat quite near the blonde she just looked and then looked away. I was wearing really really nice clothes and I bet they were so expensive here's what I wore.

Finally it was my turn and I was so nervous I walked on and the background was a summer meadow with a tree and a tyre swing hooked onto a branch I realised then that's what I was doing a summer photo-shoot that's why I was wearing summer clothes it does take me a while to catch on with things I loved my outfit.

It was the end of the day I did three shoot's with really nice outfit's again:    Winter/Autumn       Pink and Barbie. . .

The last outfit was so embarrassing but no one seemed to care it was for a girly prom photo picture, but I was walking around in a pink barbie dress ughh. I am girly but seriously this was hell.

(sorry about these but this is what she's wearing now to get back home and what she was wearing before too.!!!)

The day ended and I walked out with Eleanor we just picked up my name badge at the reception and I love my job!!

"Wait a second, where's your bags?" She asked when we were about to walk out the reception door's. "It's here" I lifted up my Chanel bag and showed it her. "Noo the bags with your clothes in". "What'd ya me-" she cut in. "Ohhh sorry I forgot to tell you, the clothes, jewelry and make up you model in you get to keep for free if you have an employers discount, which you do." she explained, What!!! I get to keep them, omg. "Ohh oh my god that's great!!" We walked back through and into the dressing room where I had folded them up and she brought them through and handed them the second receptionist who put them in a Hollister bag and we walked out, I was blinded by loads of flashing light's I needed to get a taxi but I couldn't even see what were they all doing taking pictures of us. We barged through them but they followed us. What are they doing!!! Slow reaction again, click One Direction's girlfriend...

We got round the corner and round through a car park I followed Eleanor cause she would know where she's going she stopped when we got back on to a main walk way.

"Want to come back to mine and then i'll get one of the boy's to drive you back?" she asked. "Sure" she got her phone out while we walked to her's "Please could I have your number?" I asked seen as she was my friend now, well I think. "Of course, I was just about to ask you the same thing" she chuckled and then we both laughed. "So where d'ya live?". "Well we're here now" she said, I looked up and it was so nice it was a biggish house a path lead right up to the door with a balcony hanging above it, We walked through the brown waist height gate and walked inside. Along was a corridor with a few door's on either side I followed her straight along into the kitchen it was mostly Black, white and red colours in the room with black and white walls with a black tile for the floor surface and red high stools on a white top surface.

"Wow it''s so nice!" I whisper yelled. I could hear voices coming from another room but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I looked at Eleanor who was putting her stuff down. She looked at me and smiled she grabbed my bags and hung it up on a rack beside the door.

"Thank-you, are they the boys?" I asked, she nodded and turned around and opened the fridge. "Want a beer?" she asked picking up a beer and then half turned around looking at me through the corner of her eye.

"err go on then, please".  She turned back fully around and grabbed one then handed it me.

"Follow me" I followed her through the bright corridor once again and into a room the gust of wind hit me with a nice vanilla scent. We sat on a big brown leather bean bag, I looked around the room, it had dull coloured walls but the painting lit the room up. I turned my body around the right side of me, the boys they were sat on the floor playing FIFA on the x-box with their backs to us they hadn't noticed us yet. Eleanor got up and crept over to them I saw the one which was her boyfriend he was sat on the far left and that's where she was heading. "Boo" she whispered into his ear and then all of a sudden dived onto him making him fall down with her on top of his back. Damn, that was cute.

When all the boy's noticed Eleanor they were all laughing hysterically I giggled a little but I had my eyes on someone special he shone out the brightest. The way his  dirty blonde hair flipped to one side and was messy at the other, his blue shining eye's his perfect straight teeth, like he had braces before made them so perfect he was in a red Jack Wills t-shirt and some skinny jeans. He was laughing too, oh his laugh so different from others till he looked over at me. oh no. I was stuck in a trance that I didn't want to get out of but I had to, I smiled to him and then looked down and grabbed my phone from my pocket. I decided to text my mum in case she was wondering where I was, She knows that i'm 19 and trusts me but sometimes she gets a little worried when I'm not home at the time i'm supposed to be.

To Mum: Hey mum I made a friend today so I'm over at her's I'll be back later, I'm safe by the way :) xx

I felt somebody sit next to me I looked up and oh my god there he was the blonde one, he was so perfect why is he doing this to me he's making me speechless. "Hi, i'm Niall, and you?" His voice ohhhhh myyy dayyyyss that is the best accent ever where is he from?

"Hi, I'm Bella-Rose but you can call me Bella or Belle for short, your choice."

"Okay I like Belle" He smiled, that perfect smile of his, he could do it all day and it would still make me smile.

"Where are you from, I love your accent?"

"Mullingar, Ireland" He said still smiling gorgeously

"Oh I see"

"So I take it your El's friend" he said sweetly


Uh oh. We both looked up and all of them were watching us, oh god.

"Awwwww" One of them aww'ed but I didn't see who.

"You can tell Niall likes her just by looking in his eye's" Louis yelled jokingly but I'm not to sure if it was a joke or not.

He's called Niall, cute. Now I think Harry is the curly haired one and Zayn has the big hair and he must be Liam, I should've known this if I'd bother to listen to my friend Millie it's all she talks about. I looked at Niall who had red rosy cheeks. too cute I could feel my face a bit warm too I must of been blushing like Niall. "Aw they're blushing now" Eleanor said.... Yep I was...

Niall jumped up and walked towards them and pretended to punch Louis and Liam and they pretended they got hit, Drama you don't say..

"Sweetie who's this?" Louis asked Eleanor

"You know, you could just ask her yourself, she's Bella-Rose but call her Bella or Belle for short"

"Okay" they all mumbled then went back to their x-box game Niall came back later with a beer for me.

"Thanks" I smiled. "No problem." He replied. We sat there in silence but it wasn't awkward at all, we just watched the boy's play on x-box Eleanor had disappeared off upstairs somewhere.

Me and Niall had a long conversation getting to know each other a lot about our jobs, friends, family and what we like and dislike etc..

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