Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


26. Concert

Bella's P.O.V

I decided today I would go to a concert with the boys and Piper and Dani, El decided she'd stay home to care for Jake, as her parents had been doing it for them for a week and Eleanor didn't like that fact of her parent's doing her work for her. Oh or so and Ava is due in around 3 days or so but you never know she could come late or early we never no but I hope she comes soon my back aches carrying her around but just don't come today!

I grabbed some clothes to wear I decided on some I decided on a nice maternity dress, it was free flowing and it was what Niall had bought me a few weeks after he find out I was up the duff, so he got it me for when my baby bump would be big like now, for 7-9 months on.

I slipped the dress on and zipped it up the zip was on the front in the middle so that saved me a lot of energy, I grabbed a grey loose cardigan which doesn't fasten and then some brown leather boots with beads put on the stringy parts and a cowboy type pattern on the ankle part.

I walked out of mine and Niall's room, we got our beach house now ready for when the baby comes and we had made a room for Ava with light pink walls and on another side purple walls, with a small cot placed in the middle and toys tidied into play boxes and a fairy lights pinned onto the ceiling hanging downwards, I was really impressed it was beautiful and so girly like, when we bring her home we are both gonna keep her in our room at the end of the bed until she's a bit older and not demanding for stuff as much. I got to the end of the stairs when the door swung open "MCDONALDS!!!!!" It was Harry and everyone else, Eleanor came in last with a backpack on and Jake in a baby carry car seat.

Niall appeared from the kitchen and rushed straight over to Harry who was holding three full bags of food in the air, He tried to grab them but before he could Harry help them up higher and stepped back causing Niall to slip on the wooden floor and fall on his bum. He went bright red like he always does when he fall's or slips but then he laughed about it and stood up, he's always so clumsy! But he's always our cute leprechaun.

Harry ran into the living room and Niall chased him around trying to get the food. "It's gonna be cold by the time you get it Niall" Piper said walking in and plopping down on the sofa and Zayn followed and sat on her knee, she pushed him off and his face was priceless before he fell Piper pulled him back up again and they shared a kiss. "Both of you stop running your making me feel dizzy" I said they stopped and we all went into the kitchen to grab our food.

"Hey" I said to El, "Hayy, mind if I use your baby chair for Jake and warm this up?" She held up some baby food what she had brought with her. I nodded. "Of course you can it's out there" I pointed to the cupboard in the hallway. She went out and set it up and then brought Jake in who was in the lounge placed infront of the television watching Eastenders.

We all finished and watched television for a while till Paul rung up Liam and said it was time to go and he was waiting outside in the mini bus. We set off and El stayed with Jake at mine because she'd thought she'd take him out to the beach, only in the shallow bit though of course, the waves weren't out so it was safe for them to go.

We arrived and swamped with fans so the boys ran out with the security and we drove around to the side while the coast was clear and we wouldn't get hurt as i'm preg of course.

The boy's performed a lot of songs including One Way Or Another which I love so much! It was coming towards the end now and I was really tired I played with Lou's Lux for when it was the break's because Lou had to go sort the boys out and fix them up.

"BELLA, BELLA, BELLA, BELLA" wait what I just heard my name, I snapped out of my day dream and looked around Dani and Piper were looking at me strangely. "You gonna go out then?" Dani asked. "Wait! What?"

"The fans want you to go out and see you" Piper said, why me? I looked to the stage and the boys were looking at us and gesturing me to come on out, I will just do it anyway but I don't know why they want to see me. I tried to lift my right leg up to move but I couldn't. OW PAIN. "OW GUYS, WHAT'S HAPPENING" I yelled to Dani and Piper, my voice trying to go threw the chants. They both rushed over to me and grabbed a arm each. I felt a kick and then realised my water had just broke, I tried to stand up straight but I couldn't I hunched over and fell to the ground before everything went black the last thing I saw was all the boys rushing over to me and Dani and Piper trying to help me up. The chants had now stopped and everything was silent except for the noises what I heard right next to me, Niall, Dani, Piper and the boy's chorusing "Is she okay!??"

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