Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


1. Bella-Rose Brown

Bella-Rose Brown

Hi, I'm Bella-Rose but everyone calls me Bella or Belle, I have just turned 19 years old a week ago and I celebrated with some of my close friends, family and my favourite boys of course, One Direction

Useless information:

Age: 19 years old

D.O.B: August 12th 1994

Height: 5'5

Family: I live with my mum and dad but plan on moving out soon, I have a older brother Cory hes 23 but lives with his girlfriend Jade and their daughter April.

Friends: Millie Carter, Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer and 1D

Likes: Music and singing, anything romantic.

Bio: I work at Starbucks on Thursday's and Fridays and on Saturdays I'm a model at Hollister, that's how I met Eleanor and the boy's i'll tell you about that later.. I didn't really get bullied at school I had my own group of friends but I saw people getting bullied and I felt so sorry for them but I was too shy to do anything about it. My friends have all split apart now we used to be great friends throughout the school years but after that they got boy friends and we've all gone our own ways but I always say to myself sister's before Mr's but they never understood that and left and then came running back when the relationship was over I live in L.A and used to live in London but I moved when I was 13 years old.



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