Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


21. Baby shower

Belle's P.O.V

We have the baby shower in half an hour i'm ready just waiting for the others I have a light blue polo maternity shirt on with some nice pale blue pale ripped jeans but they waist isn't too tight.

Me and El obviously weren't getting drunk today but we would just sit around and eat, talk, drink (no alcohol), rest, and watch the other who will be drunk. This is going to be so exciting. Quite a lot of people are coming Niall's Side of the family and my side, Eleanor's side, Louis's side, some of Danielle's friends and the other boy's mates etc..

I arrived with Niall and the room the boys had rented for us it was huge also they rented the rooftop for us as well!! I love them, they are so sweet. I ran/jogged over to Eleanor who was probably the first their with Louis. She was over at thew red lit up bar and was watching Louis and Harry doing their first shots of the night. "Hey El it's so nice in here, isn't it!!!" I shouted over the music. "Yah I know" She shouted back over the noise. 

More guest's started appearing around 5 minutes later. They all had some drinks and before I knew it I was dragged up on the stage by Niall to dance with him. We danced and partied until I got tired and too hot from the heat of other people and lights etc.. I wasn't drunk but I still am having a great time!

"YEAH?" I shouted, when I felt somebody pull my arm I turned my head and it was Danielle and Eleanor with another girl it looked like she had light purple hair or dirty blonde hair I couldn't really tell with flashing bright coloured lights, and i'm pretty sure I have seen her before but I don't know where from.

"You coming up to the rooftop now?" Danielle yelled. I nodded not wanting to shout and loose more energy, I really need to sit down. I grabbed my purse and headed to the door where they were waiting. 

"Wow oh my god" El said as we all walked towards the edge with the wind blowing thorough our hair, I kinda felt like we were on a catwalk looking so pretty, except me and El are really fat because of the pregnancy.

We walked half way out of the elevator and looked at the view not going to near the edge. "Ahh" I yelped, someone placed their hands resting on my waist but as soon as I jumped the other girls did to except the girl with the purple hair, yes it was purple not blonde. She just stood their and watched us panic I spinned around and saw 5 hot boy's stood their.

Niall looked into my blue eye's and I looked into his, Danielle and Liam placed a short kiss on each other's lips, Louis and El tried hugging but that didn't work cause of the bump so they tried it side ways and that kinda worked out and then at the end there was trouble, Harry had some blonde chick clinging to his left arm and Zayn had a girl with bleach blonde hair holding his hand while he had his arm on her waist and the girl with purple hair stood their and looked fumed at Zayn, but she also looked pretty upset.

Zayn's P.O.V

I was just stood at the bar waiting for the bar-man to get mine and Lou's drinks but he was taking forever. There was a slight tap on my shoulder and I spun around on the high chair to see a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L girl standing there innocently with cute dimples that shown a tiny bit. "HI, Erm is anyone sat here!!???" She shouted loudly. "No, no one is sat here feel free" I winked and she smiled and sat down.

She was beautiful her bleach blonde hair and her brown glistening eyes that twinkled. "Hi" I shouted. "Hiya" She shouted back i'm not a very good conversation starter. "I'm Zayn" I yelled to her, she just smiled showing her hugely cute dimples again. "I'm Piper Smith, Danielle's friend, but I perfectly know a lot about you"  she giggled but I couldn't hear it I massively wanted to but because of the music spoiled it! "Ah I see, you a directioner?" She gestured her hand showing in the middle/a bit. The barman handed me the two drinks and I just put them on the side while I stood up from the chair. She got her drink of alcohol to and attempted to get of the chair with the glass and purse in both her hands. I got hold of her drink and held out my other hand for her to hold while she slid of the chair. "Thanks!" She shouted.

"I'd love to!" She nodded.

We headed to the lift and stood in it for a few minutes in silence Harry had found another girl and she was clinging on to his arm it looked like she was doing it for dear life and I bet he has forgotten about his -apparent real love for Millie- that's what he said, he said he loves Millie differently than all the other girl's he meets, but nearly every night us boy's go out he alway's brings a one night stand home and he has had about 3 real girlfriends in 5 months on tour, I wonder if Millie is OK I bet she has heard about this and cryed herself to sleep everynight since we left, and Harry doesn't even talk to her on the phone to ask how she's doing and he will get back to England and see her like nothings happened, I know theyr'e in love with each other but i'm not sure Millie will any longer after this tour.

I introduced Piper to all the boy's and they gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I felt my inside's go warm and tingly, It was jealousy but they all have girlfriends well i dont know about Harry but I still felt very jealous I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden I only just met her, this must be then this love must be real. Oh no I'm falling head over heals for someone again, The doors opened and all the girls stood their with their backs towards us, We walked up to them and I watched as they all greeted their girlfriends happily but one of the girls stood way out. Could it be? Oh no, It is, she can't spoil this for us and I know she will try everything to get what she wants, she is very determind. She looked fuming but soon calmed down and stood up for herself "So this is the bitch you cheated on me with, Ew could've chosen better than her!" She exclaimed. I had to say something back, anything. We aren't together anymore so I can say anything I want, and I will.

"Oh shut up Perrie, your just jealous, I didn't cheat on you it's all lies, why do you have to ruin everything! Why are you even here!!" I yelled back at her and for a second she looked frightened and then it faded and she did a bitchy smirk at Piper who was just so innocent and cute.!! I looked down at her and she looked up at me her tears forming in her perfect chocolate brown eyes. I just want to kiss her so badly and never stop!

"Perrie, he is telling the truth it was just the press and papparazi mixing everything up, you should know your famous to!" Harry said, falling over his foot but the blonde girl who was clinging onto his arm lifted him back up again so his spine was straight again and not curving over to Perrie.

"FINE! Danielle invited me to try and fix things with you but i'm not wanted so I will leave!!" She shouted, I'm glad she was going, wait, I should tell her that this time instead of obeying her rules. "Good, I'm happy now, off ya pop" I chuckled and I saw Piper slightly smile. She stormed of while bring up her phone to her ear, She must've been calling a helicopter to call for her.

-The Night Ended and it was great Eleanor and Belle got loads of presents and good luck wishes and nobody spoiled it except Perrie who did for Zayn a tiny bit, now they are going to have hangovers good luck guys... I wonder how Zayn feels about Danielle inviting Perrie even though she know's Zayn is much happy without her?-

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