Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


28. Ava's first day home.

Niall's P.O.V

Soon after Ava was born it was OK to go in and see how they were both doing. I knocked and the door and entered, Ava was being held while she was in the cutest sleep by her gorgeous mother.

We had decided on her name to be Ava Erin Horan, I chose the middle name as that is one of my favourites.

Belle looked up to me with her gorgeous brown eyes sparkling with pleasure. I walked over to the side  and she held Ava up to me. I sat down onto the blue chair and got our tiny girl from her gentle hands.

I held her close to my chest and gave her a tiny peck on her cheek she began to wake up but she didn't cry, she looked at me with her pale blue eyes, there was a silence but it was perfect I was with 2/3 of my favourite girls my mum was the other, she is always so caring and I love her so much she was one of the people who influenced me to become who I am today and I am so grateful of her being in my life and especially Belle and Ava to!

~Time Pass~

Belle and Ava arrived home a week later, Belle was now able to move around freely without causing any pain and Ava was our now very healthy baby girl. I placed Ava into a baby bounce chair she had slept for a long while now so she was wide awake and cried twice on the way home in the space of 20 minutes. Which is a good thing, right?..

"I'll just go get her something to drink" Belle said as she made her way into the kitchen. I knelt down infront of her and bounced her up not too fast as still she wasn't very old enough to play around yet, she started giggling so cutely just like Belle's perfect laugh is like.

I slid of my jacket and folded it placing it on the sofa, I took Ava's coat of to and put it on top of my jacket,  I then carried on playing with her, I got out a few animal teddy's from the toy box and made the animal noises for Ava to listen to. Belle came back in later on with a warm bottle of milk in her hands. "Want to do it?" She asked. "No no.. it's fine i'll let you do it"

 I don't know very much when it comes to babies, I've only got to know one well and she is named know... the famous One Direction baby, So I don't know anything about them or how to care for them, But i'm going to try and be the best dad I can be, even though looking at it now on our first day home it seems so difficult!!

 "Oh OK then" She picked her up and cradled her holding her head high before feeding her.


After she finished the bottle I put her infront of the telly still in her bouncy chair and switched Cbeebies on. Sooner or later she fell asleep and she rocked in the chair as her legs lifted from the floor and it supported her as she swung, so we took her up into her new decorated pink and purple room and changed her into a leopard print baby onezie and watched her dreamily look around the room in her white wooden cot, it had fairy lights wrapping around the bars that had rattle toys attached to it, even though Ava was a bit to young for them but she still looked at them until she drifted off into her sleep.

"She's beautiful, baby. Just like you" I whispered quietly. I leaned in and moved her beautiful curly brown hair out of her face and leaned down and kissed her, I felt her smile against my lips, I loved it when she does that, it was like one of my secret turn on's, she pulled into me closer to her chest and now we were kissing very roughly, we hadn't kissed like this since the middle of her pregnancy when the baby bump wasn't very big because we didn't want to hurt the baby as I would squash her when I'm pulling tightly towards her. I led her into our room and we plopped onto the bed still not breaking apart from the kiss. 

She pulled away and rested her head on my broad out chest. "Sorry Nialler.." She combed her light fingers through my blonde hair which always turned me on, that was my other guilty pleasure... girls playing with my hair which Belle always did and it is amazing I love it so badly. "It's OK sweetheart, just carry on playing with my hair I love that to" I winked down at her when she was looking at me she giggled.

She stopped her hand and teased me. I pouted "Nooo carry on doing it pweasee". She giggled once more and ruffled it up she moved above me so now we were both looking into each others eyes with our foreheads touching. She made her way down to my neck and kissed it then sucking on my skin, giving me a lot of love bite marks all over my neck.

"You know how much I love, love bites" She smiled, as I felt it against my skin. She started to comb her tiny fingers through my hair once more instead of ruffling it and straight away I felt.... you know what... shoot straight up to the sky.

She must of felt it to pressing onto her leg "Ohh Niall you cheeky leprechaun... I sooo know how to turn you on so badly"  She said moving back up to my face again, pecking my lips every so often.

"Oh yeah, well it's my turn now". I pushed her over to the other side of the bed so I was now above her. "Go on then" Were her last words before I slammed my lips against her's I knew she wasn't ready for that, so I released for a few seconds to let her catch her breath and take another big one again. I kissed her more passionately this time before pushing my tongue into her mouth, her's slid into mine to and now we were in the middle of a tongue war, I decided and take it up a notch, I grind-ed my hips against her so know (keeping it PG) was touching in between her legs, My hands explored her body curiously doing what they wanted, going up her shirt, up and down her arms, caressing her gentle face or rubbing her thighs. 

She pulled away shortly after with her breath totally took away, "OK, OK, You Win" She giggled, with her ability of being unable to speak.

This moment was perfect we hugged each other tightly, until... Ava

-Waaaaa waaaaa- She cried.

Belle was about to slide out from underneath me. "It's OK, I got this, I've changed a couple of nappies before on Lux" That meant one, yes that is right... I've only changed one nappie on Lux before even when she is with us most of the time, but I manage to talk my way out of it. But it's worth a try she is my daughter and I'm her father and I want to be a great and protecting one not one who is very laid back and lets them roam around by their selves whenever they feel like it. 

"OK, Thank-you Nialler" I gave her one last kiss as I walked into Ava's room.

I changed her into one of her tiny nappies it took me a while to try and figure everything out but I at least did it and the good thing was she stopped crying for me, she was my perfect baby girl and I love her and her beautiful mum a lot and I wouldn't change our small family for absolutely anything I love it just as it is.

Belle's P.O.V

"All done" Niall said walking into the room while taking his shirt off. I was reading a long book named Beautiful Disaster, I don't usually read and I haven't since I was at school but I feel like I need to read something I don't know why.. but anyway...  He leaped onto the bed and landed next to me and he budged closer towards me and rested his head on my neck. I put my book and down and kissed the top of his head, his perfect blonde hair brushed against my face. I felt all his body tense up as I pulled away "You like that don't ya" I knew his answer

"No I don't" I put on a shocked face cause he does love it "Oh sorry" I stopped playing with his hair and stared off into space "I'm only kidding babe I don't like it.. I love it!!" I kissed his neck and started to play with his hair again.

"You coming down to watch a movie?" Niall asked me slowly getting up and putting a different shirt on.

"Yes I will as long as you keep your shirt off" I gave him a slight smirk and he grinned widely.

We decided to watch Marley and me it always makes me cry at the end, it was just about to start so Niall went to get some popcorn so I thought i'd surprise Niall because I couldn't last time because we were at the concert when I went into labour.

I picked up Ava from her cot and changed her baby grow into the 1D baby grow that had 'Daddy's Girl' wrote on the front. I brought her down and she looked at me curiously with her big green beautiful eyes and her chubby cheeks, I carried her into the kitchen were Niall stood impatiently waiting for the popcorn to finish. I put on the kettle and made her a warm milk bottle.

We sat down and the movie began I handed Ava to Niall when she fell asleep, his blue eyes shone brightly as the TV lights flashed onto us, "Aww babe that's so cute" He said smiling cutely.

He gave me a peck on the lips and then we cuddled together with Ava asleep on our laps.


(A/N~~ Sorry, I haven't updated in a while=Schoooooool...!! :''( I will try to as sooooon as I can.)

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