Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


29. Ava, Jake and Lux meet.

Belle's P.O.V

It has been exactly a month now since Ava was born so she is now 5 weeks old and is very healthy and a gorgeous baby girl we all love her so much but she hasn't met

She sleeps a lot more but also cries a lot too when she want's something, it's like her communication to us so we know what she want's and what is the matter with her.

Today we were off to a concert and we are in London now, I'm missing my family, I haven't seen them in a while now but at least I am having a lot of fun!

Me, Niall, the boy's and girls spent most of our days travelling on their tour around America but when they were off to some other countries we stayed behind with our families.

Niall also asked me to move in with him in Ireland and I agreed but Ava is originally from L.A oh and I quit my jobs after I had Ava because I am in Ireland now but my modelling career could've carried on but i'd rather wait till Ava is in nursery instead of having a baby sitter.

Now we are down at London for a few weeks. Niall's mother Maura is watching our house for us as it is just down the road from there's.

I had incoming call coming through my iPhone flashed showing Niall's caller I.D and the marimba ringtone began to play, I reached across the dining table and grabbed my phone and opened up the call and answered. "Hey baby, how are you?" he said with his deep Irish accent flowing through the phone.

"I am good thanks, how are you?"

"Good good... How's Ava?" He said

"She's very good, she's still asleep. What time is the concert today and when will you be back?" I asked him.

"Well she sure has gotten that of me" He said meaning of Ava sleeping all the time, But she was at that baby stage where all they do is mostly sleep all day. "I will be back anytime in the next hour can't wait to see you again" I chuckled and heard him smile through the phone. Niall and the boy's were at a photo shoot right now, so I best leave them to it I need to get dressed anyway for the concert, I'm not going in some joggers!!

"Well I best go then, I bet your busy and I need to get me and Ava ready for later love you my beautiful Nialler"

"I love you too my Bella boo boo" We made kissy-kissy noises through the phone and then we hung up after Niall got called back to the shoot by Louis.

I ran back upstairs and slipped on a quick outfit and walked into Ava's room to choose out some clothes for her.

I chose out a cute outfit for Ava and I ran my finger down her warm heated cheek. She opened her beautiful green eyes and looked at me before she began to cry, "Sshh shh it's okay baby" She did as she told and looked at me intently.

~Time Pass~

I had lunch and made Ava her's too, it is now 1:45 so the boys should be back anytime and then we are meeting the girls at the concert because they have gone shopping without me, but it isn't a very big bother because I have Ava and if I brought her with us she'd cry all the way if she was awake and I would have to push her pram around while carrying a lot of bags.

"Babbeee, we're home, you ready?"

"Yep, we're coming" I replied

"Okay we'll be in the car" he shouted

"Okay love you baby"

"Love you too babe" and with that the door shut lightly.

~Another Time Pass~

"Heyyyy" I ran to Millie and hugged her.


"Did you girlies have a good day?"

"Yep it would've been better with you there though" she pouted.

"Ey well we can't think bad about the past we have to think good about the future" I said, she chuckled.

I all greeted each other and I hugged Dani and El and then we followed the boy's out to the dresser and makeover room's.

Niall took Ava to go watch him and the boy's get their hair and make up done and El left Jake with one of the outfit choosers she was called Rachel and Had dark brown hair styled up very neatly into a tight bun. She was tall and had bright blue eyes they must of been eye contacts and tanned skin.

Me and the girls looked around the huge O2 Arena, it was so nice and the seats were already starting to get full with fans and the concert will start in 45 minutes, we went into the screening room to take our seats so we can watch the boys perform on the television.

"Hey sexy" I said to Niall who entered the room with Ava in her pram giggling at something Niall had his hair styled up into a tall quiff.

"Hey beautiful" We chuckled and he pushed Ava to me, I unstrapped her from the pram and rested her on my knee.

A pretty blonde girl and Rachel entered the room and sat on a couch across from us. "Girls this is Lou our make up artist and her daughter Lux, I think you would've heard of her" Niall explained

Later on we were all sat around the room watching the boys and playing with our gorgeous babies.

Ava, Jake and Lux. The beautiful One Direction babies had met finally.

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