Daddy's Girl

Bella and Niall have been in 'love' with each other for a year now but both been scared to tell each other. The One Direction boys tell Niall too just tell her his true feelings towards Bella but he is to nervous until one day it just comes straight out and just like that changes everything.
One year later they are still together and they're stronger than ever. Are they ready for the next unplanned step? Well they better be.


23. 9 Months Pregnant,Wooo!

Niall's P.O.V

Oh my goodness my baby Bella-boo and our gorgeous baby girl is due in a week, and Eleanor is due in anytime, the time has flown by and I cant wait until she is born, we have decided on the name Ava and Eleanor and Louis still haven't chosen they want to see his cute face first before they decide and then they will either choose from: Jake, Jack or Joshua/Josh, they must like their J names.

We are back from the tour now and staying i'm staying at Belle's tiny apartment until the baby is born and then we are thinking about getting our own bigger apartment for the baby and all the others are staying at Harry's for a few weeks till they decide where they are going to stay again.

"Shall we go over to Harry's after dinner?" Belle asked while flipping over a pancake in the pan then putting it firmly down back onto the stove.

"Yeah if you want to, I'd love to" I said back.

"Okie dokie, and then how I can see how El is doing" She replied, I just nodded, the pancakes fizzed and made Belle jump out of her trance. She turned back suddenly and rushed over to the pan and flipped the pancake.

-Skip Dinner-

Belle's P.O.V

We arrived over at Harry's and we hopped out of the car Niall opened the door for me and held out his hand for me, he's such a sweetheart i'm so lucky I met him and I love him to pieces.

"Hi guy's come straight in" Harry shouted from across the hallway and walked back into the kitchen where he appeared from. We walked into his living room and everybody was sprawled out around the room, I went over to the other side of the colourful room and took a seat next to Danielle and Niall went his way towards Liam and Zayn. 

"Hiya how you both doing?" I asked then they were watching Eastenders on the television.

"Okay I miss tour though it was so fun!" Danielle chirped.

"I feel so bloated cause of the baby, I want to have him now it's killing me!!" Eleanor said, but it's true it's so stressful.

"Well walking helps?!" I said, that's a good idea we good go for a walk I want to have this baby now too, I've got back ache.

"Where shall we go?" Danielle asked

"Erm... park and we can go for a walk on the lake side?" I said.

"Nah we always go there, how about the zoo?" Eleanor said.

"Perfect" Danielle and I yelled in unison which caused the boys to look.

"Anybody up for the zoo?" Danielle shouted loud enough for Harry to hear. He rushed in and dived onto the couch but banging his head onto Louis' crotch.

"AAHH!!!! CURLS!!" Louis screamed pushing Harry roughly onto the floor followed by a loud thud and "OWWW I didn't meant to hit you their!!" He yelled back. We all burst into laughter and went to grab our stuff and headed towards the Zoo which wasn't very far away but we would be walking around all day anyway.

We arrived and Eleanor pulled me and Danielle straight to the seals straight away and the boy's followed us.

"Zayn where's Piper?" I asked he looked lonely he was just staring at one of the seals jumping in and out of the water at the far end of the pool. He was in a trance but soon pulled out of it.

"Oh, sorry, she's chilling out at her parent's house" he replied.

"Well why don't you ask her to come... duhh.." Danielle said.

"Oh yeah I will do" He said and walked away while dialling her number straight into the search bar. We walked around all day and my feet were killing me but I will do anything to stop getting back ache and get this baby out!

"Let's get some Ice Cream baby girl" Niall said pulling me towards the mini ice cream hut just on the edge of the giraffe enclosure. We had only just got some slices of pizza and he want's more!! Oh my goodness. I followed him in and watched him serve our favorite ice cream's what we both usually get I like chocolate chip and Niall likes just plain chocolate. 

We took our seats and just talked about the baby, "Quick guys come on!!" Louis yelled through the doors, What the, what's happened!!? We followed him outside with the tubs still in our hand and rushed to the entrance following Louis' tracks. I couldn't walk fast so I stopped and just walked very slowly

"COME ON!!" Louis shouted over at me and Niall.

"SSHH! pregnant lady over here!!" I shouted I wonder what he's so bothered about we've got our time to walk home, but it will go dark soon so we better rush I walked faster to Louis.

"Yes!! and pregnant lady over there!!" he shouted and pointed over to an ambulance parked on the car park. ELEANOR..

"She wouldn't go unless we were ALL with her" Louis explained while climbing the stairs to the vehicle and holding my other hand to the one Niall was holding so I could make it. I sat on the bench next to Danielle who was holding her hand. 

"Hiya" I heard a familiar voice say "PIPER!!" I yelled and got up to hug her awkwardly with the baby bump getting in the way.

We sat down as the Doctor came in from the back and sorted out some medicine and the hospital stuff, etc..

"Your friend has gone into labour yes?" The receptionist asked. Well duhh what else does it look like.

"Yes Eleanor Calder" Liam said.  "Okay wait outside room 31 floor 1 until the doctor comes out" we rushed down the corridors to find her after the man just wheeled her away from us not mentioning anything to us.

We sat out on the chair's finally the door opened. "Hi, Eleanor can only have three over patient's in the room not including her" He said reading from his clipboard. "So she has chosen: Louis, Belle and Danielle" He said we got up and I squeezed Niall's hand one last time and then walked in. Eleanor was led on the bed crying but she wasn't very wide yet so it was only hurting her a bit Louis rushed to the left of her and Danielle just stood on the right so I took the seat on her right side. "The baby look's like he will come in half an hour" A nurse said appearing from the door.

"Okay let's get this over an done with" El said, around every 10 minutes or so El got in more pain and more pain and was now screaming so loud, this will be me in around a week, oh dear god.

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