A Roll of the Dice

It's 3013 and the people of the world have suffered so much destruction that they have gone mad. The only nation that survives, the United Kingdom, has turned into a nation of gamblers. All the descisions they make.. political, social, or otherwise, are based on the roll of a dice. The human race figures it can't do any worse.

Melissa Jordan has suffered the brunt of this decision making progress. Because of the dice, she is now an orphan living on the street.

Until she gets taken in by the royalty of the new world themselves. She gets sucked into a game she never thought she would have to be a part of and all for sweet revenge....

"What if your fate was decided by a roll of the dice?"


1. Prologue

My heart was pounding in my chest so hard that I was sure everyone in the room could see it. Sweat was dripping down my forehead. My fists were clenched tight. I was unable to believe I ever let myself in this situation.


Here I was. Standing in front of me was the three most important people in the New World. It was in the Red Room- the most important room in the New World. Red covered everywhere. Red velvet couches were in front of me, holding the three most important people in the New World. Lorna Warnerpot, old, but with the amount of plastic surgery she'd gone through she looked a lot younger than her actual age. She looked so fake, Barbie would be jealous. Octavio Warnerpot sat beside her, gazing thoughtfully at me. He was Lorna's son. He was handsome, with tousled dark brown hair and warm, hazel eyes. I stopped my traitorous thoughts about his good looks in their tracks.


And Victor Warnerpot. He was the most intimidating of the three. He had average looks. I guess it was safe to say Octavio hadn't gained his good looks off his father. But Victor's looks didn't matter. What mattered was he held The Dice. The key to my future. They were shiny and red. I was sure they got polished every day, the amount of times they were tossed. This moment determined my fate.


"Are you ready?" Victor asked, a sly note in his deep voice.

I nodded calmly, but on the inside I was screaming. Victor grinned evilly and I understood that my eyes showed my true terror.

"Three..." Victor counted. He looked smug.

"Two...." His wife looked impassive, she almost looked through me.

"One......" His son cast a concerned look at me.


Victor rolled the dice.

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