Bullied Love

Bella Watson has no clue why she is bullied. By The LOUIS TOMLINSON. They used to be best friends, but, now.... No explaination.

He hits her, kicks her, burns her, etc.


3. Sleeping Beauty

**Harrys POV**

After like ten minutes after bringing Bella over, she fell asleep. We brung her up to one of the three bedrooms in my house. She looks so peaceful. "Hey Man. We are going to Nandos. Wanna come?" Zayn asks. "Nah. I'm good." I say. They rush off. Bella is beautiful. Zayn does most of the stuff to her. Niall won't touch her, defends her. We like her, but hate her for not liking us if you understand that? It's quite confusing. Sure, it's not exactly RIGHT to abuse the girl I've loved for like 3 years. Louis was her best friend, and then I came and took him because I was jealous. I wanted to be her friend, I WANTED TO EXIST TO HER. Okay, Harry, calm down. You exist now. Just not in the way you want. But you exist. Niall walks in. "What are you still doing here?" I ask. "I stayed behind. We need to talk about something. BIG." He says. "Okay. Wanna stay in here or go downstairs?" I ask. "Lego down stairs." He says. I remove myself from the chair and walk downstairs. Ounce on the couch, he says"It's about Bella. She is sick. I can tell. I think when Zayn and you guys kick and hit her you really cause internal injuries. We need to take her to a hospital." He says. "No. I mean I want to, but it would get all 5 of us in jail or something. For abuse and if she like was dying or dies from injuries, MANSLAUGHTER." I say in a hurry. "Would you rather her die?" I ask. "Let's take her." I say. We walk up stairs, and pick up the sleeping beauty to the car. We drive to the nearest hospital. "We think our friends may have hurt this girl. Like, badly." I say.


A doctor comes out of the room. We were setting in the hall. "Good and bad news. Which first." He says. "Uhm bad news." I say. "Okay she is injuried very badly and needs to be taken care of. Good news is you get the honor of choosing who she goes with. She has no family alive so yeah." He smiles. "She can stay at my house. We will all try to take the best care possible of her." I smile. "Okay,son. She is going home with you today." He says.

*****When They Get Home*******

"What took you guys so long and where were you?" Louis asks. ''We went to the hospital. Bella is under my care for about six months." I explain. "WHAT? WHY?" They ask. "1) She has some internal issues no from Zayn kicking her, 2) You are all sick and especially you Liam, 3) I thought she could die, I was right." I shout. Niall is carrying her now BTW.

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