Bullied Love

Bella Watson has no clue why she is bullied. By The LOUIS TOMLINSON. They used to be best friends, but, now.... No explaination.

He hits her, kicks her, burns her, etc.


1. Old Days


Bella's POV

I walk up the stairs to my neighbor, Louis' house. I knock on the door. Louis opens the door, smiling. "Belle? What's up?" He asks. "Nothing much. Bored." I reply. "Well, come in." He steps aside. I walk in. "C'mon. I got a new TV!!!" He shouts slamming his door. "Shh. Your mum is sleeping right there." I refer to the sleeping Jay on the couch. "Oh. Haha'' he laughs. We walk up to his room.
**End Of Flashback**

That's how Louis and I used to be. Before he met Harry and Niall. I miss the old Louis. The old days. When we would go to the movies, hang out, etc.
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