Bullied Love

Bella Watson has no clue why she is bullied. By The LOUIS TOMLINSON. They used to be best friends, but, now.... No explaination.

He hits her, kicks her, burns her, etc.


5. Finding Out


I wake up in the living room next to Harry. I jump up and scoot over to the side with no one on it. "Bella. Calm down." Niall says plopping down throwing his arm around me. "Take me home." I say. "We cannot do that. We took you to the hospital. You are under Harry's care for 6 months. My stomach drops. This is not happening. I jump up running into the washroom. I throw up. Niall rushes to my side. "Sh. Come here." He holds me stroking my hair. "This is not happening." I sob. ''They are not gonna hurt you. I promise." He smiles. "DON'T YOU GET IT?! I DONOT WANNA BE HERE." I scream full on bawling. "Sh. Now don't be like that. Please. Just eat something. Do something." He attempts to soothe me. "If you are such a fool, so blind to reality, you need to look at this situation. Really think about it. Why do I wanna go home? Just think, Niall." I say getting off the floor. I go to Harry. "Where can I stay?" I ask. "Guest bedroom is all yours." He smiles. I nod walking to it. How could I sleep knowing they could and would kill me?

I walk back down. "I HAVE NO CLOTHES GUYS!" I yell for one to come. Silence.

I walk into the kitchen. "Guys?" I ask.

A not lay on the table.

We went clubbing. If u need clothes Niall left a white t shirt so just use that.


Gee thanks. Not even a "bye Bella." Thank god for that.

I find the shirt on the sofa and change into it. I put my clothes in the laundry basket in my new room. Tomorrow ill go home to get clothes.

Next morning

I wake up to Niall. "I was about to wake up. Harry went and got your clothes. They are in that dresser already." He says. I nod. Oh joy. Stupid bullies for six months.
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