Podcast Story

Just a story I am writing for the school radio, that includes teachers names as the characters.


2. Podcast Story - Part 2

The wind blew strongly, making the fallen autumn leaves dance and twirl. The cotton wool like clouds turned into terrible faced demons. No doubt it was going to rain soon; even the weather was a bit off ever since Lee died. The place had been quiet without him. People didn’t talk and the birds didn’t sing. That fact that he was gone saddened people tremendously.

Those dressed in black, wept and wailed. Some stood stationary, overwhelmed by the disastrous catastrophe that took place. Some of Lee’s relatives and closest friends were carrying a polished wooden grained coffin. They walked solemnly from the church towards the grave yard, balancing the coffin on their shoulders.

Lady Beech hid her face behind her hands and sobbed. Her husband, Lord Williams, draped an arm around her shoulders and pulled Lady Beech close. The comforting gesture calmed her, enough the reveal her tear stained face and sore red eyes. Lord Williams was in state himself. The dark circles underneath his eyes grew and his skin began to turn pale. One would wonder why they were affected so much by Lee’s death. Could they have something to do with the murder of Lee, or was it just plain emotions?

Others that were familiar to Lee stood and watched the casket being carried. The champion of sport, Keane, stood as far away as possible. Behind her was her entourage of two: Camara and Shoker. The three stood close together, their eyes not leaving the coffin. No emotions showed on their faces; they almost looked robotic.

Wall the great actor of all time was stood on her own, beadily eying everyone around her. Her cheeks were red and her blond hair was a mess on her head. She clearly didn’t get any sleep. Worry was written on her face, but no one knew why. It might have been guilt building up inside her. But then again there was no need for her to be guilty if she didn’t do anything, right? Wall bowed down dramatically as the coffin passed her.

The wind blew stronger and louder. It was as if the wind was alive and it had a voice and a large pair of hands. The trees bent over slightly from the force and the leaves blew round in circles like mini tornados. The men carrying the coffin could barely hold their balance, as they struggled to carry on.

Suddenly the coffin dropped on the floor and the top flew off. The gust slowly calmed down leaving a trail of mess. As the people began to compose themselves, they looked shockingly towards the coffin that lay on the concrete below. The men in black suits and white shirts, mounted to the ground. No one uttered a word as they all gathered around the open casket. This was terribly disturbing, as there was nothing there. Where was the dead body of Lee?

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