Podcast Story

Just a story I am writing for the school radio, that includes teachers names as the characters.


1. Podcast Story - Part 1

Sirens wailed and flashes of blue blinded eyes. Police men, forensic scientists and a lot of others were busy examining and putting clues together; everyone on the team was busy doing something. The crime scene was full of mystery and evidence that consumed people’s minds. Everything everywhere could have been a clue that led to another. A few people looked over their own shoulders, like they were the ones guilty of this crime. For all anyone knew the murderer could have been one amongst them, or just around the corner watching their every move. The mystery aspect of it made the scene just that more distressing.

You could see people shiver as the cold night wind blew, especially as they stared at a lifeless body on the ground in a pool of blood. It was the body of a lead singer called Lee. His dirty blond hair was messed up and his eyes were closed as he lay motionless on the ground. Lee’s t-shirt was soaked with thick blood that flowed out from the hole in his chest. A bullet went straight through. In his hand there was a weapon; a gun to be precise. However, from over hearing the police it wasn’t a suicide attempt. Someone else had done the crime and tried to frame it as a self-murder.

Sniffles and sobs were coming from various people standing behind the plastic yellow tape. But one of them stood out from the others. Anyone would recognise him anywhere. It was Lee’s band mate, the crazy guitarist, Carvalho. Carvalho had to be held back by his companions as he attempted to run towards Lee. They were the closest members of their band, true friends. Tear marks were on his cheeks and yells left his mouth as he shouted for Lee to wake up. But everyone knew waking up was not an option for someone that was shot dead.

Others that stood silent were watching the scene ahead of them. Lady Beech and Lord Willams, Keane the champion at sport and Wall the greatest actor of all time. All were friends of Lee or so everyone thought. At the moment everyone was a suspect of the crime. The person who did commit the crime did a very good job of hiding it, but it wouldn’t be for long. Soon the answers will all be revealed of one question - who killed Lee?

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