Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


9. Zayn and socks.

The sun went down too soon. Or maybe we started to drink too soon. Anyway, I had no idea this would be a Get Wasted Cabin. It´s so naive to think we would just sit around the fire and tell stories? I think so now. I have no idea what time it is already and I have had just two shots. I am not tend to drink two nights in a row. But I´ve started to enjoy it. I am sitting on a sofa by myself, enjoying the loud music,/Heads Will Roll from Project X/ eyes closed. When I suddenly felt someone sitting right next to me. I opened my eyes heavily when all of sudden Niall´s left hand rested on my tight. “Niall, it´s me… Helen.” I reminded him smiling at the same time. He was so cute and confused. “I am… so…” Then he quickly put both hands to his deep pockets. “…sorry.” I swear he was blushing. I giggled. “That´s ok, Em is upstairs, getting ready or something.” I pointed my forefinger to staircase and smiled at him. “It´s just when you have your eyes closed, you are too similar and it confuses me.” Well he had a point. We are twins, we have basically same features so. I don’t blame him. Throughout years, I got used to it. I mean, being misnamed, or something. I am pretty curious if Harry sees our differences. I think I´ll ask him though. Niall sighted and went upstairs. I was sitting there all alone again. My head resting on woolen pillow, mind full of colorful images, I started to believe I was there totally alone when Niall left.

After a moment of totally nice loneliness,  heavy steps hit the floor. I knew exactly whose. He coughed and sat right next to me, where was Niall sitting few minutes ago. He didn’t say a word. I assumed he was waiting for me to speak up but I wasn’t planning to. I was just smiling and enjoying the moment, when “Everyone´s upstairs, on the balcony.” I must have opened my eyes after hearing his incredibly sexy and husky voice, just to make sure my wicked mind didn’t make it up. And it didn’t. Harry´s eyes were meeting mine and I sighted. It was the only reasonable reaction. “So we should joined them, then,” I replied and smiled at him. Then I  leaned my head against the top of that extremely comfy sofa. “That´s not what I meant.” Harry grinned at me. “Great, me neither…” Then I leaned my head against his shoulder and cuddled into his warm body. He was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt and I stared to breathing in its scent. I was aware of the risk,  that anyone could see us but I couldn’t stop. I shut all voices in my head, telling me how bad idea it was. It. Was. So. Freaking. Nice. Harry moved his hand to my hair and started to play with strands around my ear. My eyes were observing his socks. They weren’t from the same pair. I laughed quietly and Harry added: “what?” I looked at him and almost forgot what I was going to say. “I like your socks.” I was still looking at him, trying to guess his reaction. “Zayn took the last pair and I found these in a….” My laughter cut him off. He is so adorable right now. It was an excuse of 6 year old boy. “Really, Zayn stole the…” “Aww. You poor thing.” I cut him off and he just sighted and few of my strands waved in air.  I turned to him and touched his knee. “Wait here!” Then I quickly stood up and went to check the staircase. There was no one, and I got relieved. After that I ran back to sofa. I set on the same spot I was sitting 10 seconds ago. Harry looked confused. “What did you…” He pointed his finger backwards and furrowed his eyebrows. I wasn’t planning to tell him. Just show him. I pressed my drunk lips on his and enjoyed the fact he started to cooperate. This kiss was way much beyond the line I set up earlier. I let myself actually cherish the moment we were the only one there.  “Oh. Look at you.”

Oh shit. Someone´s just spoken up and I was 100% sure it wasn’t Harry because he was pretty much busy back then. Harry and I immediately stopped, I pulled away from him a little and noticed his reaction. His eyes got widen. While his actually really red mouth stayed opened. We both turned our heads to staircase. It was Zayn. I was speechless, Harry was speechless and Zayn was grinning from one ear to other. “Zayn…” I spoke up after moment of hesitation. “Zayn, please don’t  tell anyone about this….” Harry added. Well actually he doesn’t have to care about us being exposed to world, it was just my stupid problem, so I got really surprised when Harry continued: “It´s really important if you could keep this secret mate.” Zayn grinned and his right hand went through his dark hair. He seemed cool with it but this moment of silence was too much nerve-racking. Suddenly he spoke up. “Fine, but Helen has to help me with Ellie.” I quickly stood up and went to hug him. His jacket smelled like cigarettes but I didn’t care. I hugged him tightly and added: “Anything, thank you Zayn.” He laughed. “How long are you two… doing this…?”  He pointed his finger at Harry and then at pillows lying on the floor around the sofa. Harry opened his mouth to say something but I quickly cut him off. “Naaah, that’s not what we are going to talk about now…” I gently pushed to Zayn to leave us alone with Harry for a moment. “Would you…” I added. Zayn shook his head and smiled.

When he left us alone, I spoke up shamelessly. “This shouldn’t have happened.” I turned to Harry, who was suddenly standing right next to me. “He won´t tell anything. He has my socks so he must keep the promise.”  Well actually this cheered me up. I was really scared what could happen next if Zayn told everyone what he saw downstairs. At this point I am not even sure what so bad would happen. Why am I so afraid? It´s not a sin I like Harry being around me. “I mean it, stop worrying Helen.” He added. I looked at him. His green eyes were widen, his mouth slightly opened and his lips red from my lipstick. I put my fingers there, and wiped the rest of that red off. “Someone´s going…” Harry whispered and gently pulled himself away from me. We both laughed when we noticed Zayn grinning, while speaking to Ellie.  Funny how much is depending on Zayn now. Oh, I would almost forget, keeping our secret comes with a price. Zayn wants help. FROM ME! However, this is a kind of price I am willing to pay with pleasure. 




Let me know what you think guys:) Just to know if it has the right direction hihi.

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